Monday, June 30, 2014

Thrill of the Hunt

So howdy do this week! I guess this weeks headline would first be related to Richard. So apparently the Old Mans dog yanked him while he was out walking her (she's a yellow lab by the way) probably saw a rabbit or something like that but anyways on the way down he hit a railing and got a big gash on his head and broke the number one bone on his spine.
So ya we went to the dinner appointment he had planned for us and were very surprised when we found him in this condition. Can move around and everything but has to wear a neck brace and such for the next two months as it heals. He told us he had thought about cancelling but he didn't wanna stand the missionaries up so he went ahead and made us dinner anyways. Such a tuff stubborn old dude lol.
Anyways we had a good night with him. He made the most delicious spaghetti ever to which is crazy since I've always kinda looked at spaghetti as a quick fix meal lol. Anyways he is doing alright besides the neck injury and was very glad to have us over.
We also had a lesson with the Bassfords again, this is while I was on exchange with one of the Zone Lords here :3 Elder Shamo. Nice guy, we had a good day that day. Well just like the first time we met with them once again we got there and it was just Brother Bassford and just like the first time the first ten fifteen minutes was awkward. Takes ten minutes for him to get the dang Rottweiler Bane to shut up (good dog just barks and growls) so we just kinda sat there again.
We tried to teach and follow up on how his reading and prayers were going but he shot us down really quick stating that he didn't have time for em'. Also mentioned he didn't know exactly know why he became a Latter Day Saint and then asked us why God allows bad things to happen to good people. So we went into that, Stephany showed up a little while into this and helped us teach it. That went well, after that we gave Stephany a blessing since she went into surgery on Thursday so we will see how they are doing tomorrow.
Now the reasoning behind the name of this letter :3. So Friday and Saturday I was feeling pretty darn crappy, mostly do to the fact that I was getting so aggravated with Hunter and another Evangelical online over facebook. He kept bringing up the same stupid faith vs works argument which is one of the dumbest circle arguments I have ever found here on the mission. Both saying the same thing just using the terminology differently but the wires don't seem to be connecting on the other side .
Anyways the moral of the story is like always I find a way to bounce back and it has become a game to me. Also another principle I've learned is in these situations don't get worked up or flustered since thats what they want and ya feel crappy for most of the rest of the day since contention is with ya.
So yesterday he tried to attack the Doctrine and Covenants and that we must hale Joseph Smith to retain our Salvation... Coming from a guy who hasn't even read the whole thing as well as never having read the B.o.M. Well I flipped it onto him with me being the one controlling the conversation by asking him questions, needless to say he really doesn't like it cause he tried to snare me but he's recently found that I just put him between a rock and a hard place ;). Sorry if I bored ya with this but keeping cool allows one to feel things out better :).
Also one last bit of exciting news is that we can officially declare that we have a RCLA pool to teach and that the investigator pool is waiting to be sparked. We received about four referrals this week, found two other really good potentials, and have a lesson with a part member Less Active family on this coming Sunday :D. Took three months but the potential energy is creeping over the edge to becoming kinetic!

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