Friday, June 27, 2014

Chastening! 6-23-14

Welp my eyebrows were a bit singed this past week. Remember how I said that
the week was a bit of a bust? Ya well seems President Anderson wasn't to
fond of that so I got chewed up just a bit and was given a list of things
that we needed to do. I'm trying Pres. So we managed to get on the numbers two lessons this
week but we also made some stop by's to members which were good, so lets
see whats going on here this past week.

I went on exchanges with Elder Park this week for the first time in a
while. He's our district leader this transfer and we will see for the
coming one. I very much dislike going on exchanges but once I'm on them I
am ok. I went to his area in Georgetown and it was pretty sweet at the end
of the day. We were knocking on a potentials door who didn't answer so we
walked down the drive when a white guy with his black buddy called us over.
His name was Hunter and he originally thought we were Jdubs but he quickly
found out we were a kind of religion that he hadn't heard of before.
He has some serious drug problems and knows that it is bad and wants to get
off but is scared of the doing part. Heroine addict, been here before ;).
So we were talking with him and I handed him a B.o.M. which he was a bit
confused about since it wasn't the bible. We are still talking about just
dropping the drugs right then and there when he opened it and the first
thing he opens to is a chapter in Alma and the verses he reads were don't
procrastinate the day of your repentance. Elder Park and I just kinda look
at each other like,  "WOW" while Hunter is like wow that just spoke to me, but
this isn't the Holy Bible but that just spoke to me.
He unfortunately didn't drop the drugs, actually he snuffed a pack right in
front of us which was an interesting experience to witness but that's ok.
His buddy's name is Gibby and he was super drunk, he was staying away
to until the end. Talking about how he believes there is only one God and
we are like same here ya know? Well Hunter calls him over and I tell ya
this guys eyes were glazed and red from so much alcohol. Came together and
said a prayer which Gibby just broke down crying as we did. Never given so
many hugs in my life to a drunk man, or ever lol.
They said they would be at church yesterday but I didn't see em' so I'll
have to see what the Spanish elders were able to find out on the situation
there. Saturday was a bit of a bust. Elder Whitney and Dalling didn't do
anything while I was on exchange and didn't plan anything for the day I got
back, so we got some stuff together and went out. Contacted a referral and
saw a member who is going through a bit of a ruff time, we were able to
answer some of her questions about Patriarticle blessings to which was
awesome :).

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