Monday, June 16, 2014

Seaford goes Boink!

Ya so this week was a bit of a bust... Like literally in terms of lessons we didn't seem to catch a bit of luck until yesterday. We did a lot of calling and stop by's with less actives since that's what President Anderson wanted us to do. All but one appointment fell through this week but that's OK we were able to reschedule for the coming weeks and we were able to pick up some more LA's that we can work with.
So on Tuesday last week my goodness it was humid! It would rain and the sun would come out then rain again, wet lather rinse repeat ya know? We were out doing service and we hadn't been out for more than ten minutes before we were just completely soaked by the air here.... It was pretty dang nasty if ya ask me :P.
On Wednesday it would seem that we offended a less actives husband and friend too... who we never met but the story is,  we stopped by to see if we could help them with car trouble since Elder Whitney is a whiz with cars. Ended up being a problem with the automatic window not going up or down, the motor worked though.
Knowing doors all to well Elder Whitney didn't really want to touch it do to there likely hood to break, I guess. So the husband felt like an inconvenience to us and his friend, who I only saw outside of the garage briefly was a bit mad that we didn't stay to receive the food she prepared for us... Never met her lol.

Saturday we went out to an event that was being held by a member in the ward to help support veterans. We set up a booth and listened to the music as we waited for people to come by. They did towards the end and we hope that a few of them, we will be able to see here shortly :D.

Hey we got one tonight :D Paul, is a sweet RCLA and I can't wait
to continue working with him. He's on the road back and hopefully he
will either go on a mission or get married :3. I'm fine either way,
anyways we will see.

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