Monday, June 2, 2014

Not much!

So this week has been a bit rough. Orlando hasn't answered a text or a message yet besides the one phone call where he said hello and then hung up so we are a bit worried about that at the moment. Also our not so recent convert Brian is moving and would rather us not come in contact with him for the next little bit. Said he didn't want his records removed but that he needed some time to think about things :(. So we will see what the members can do or if he just needs some time to think about a few things.
So Hunter did not show up yesterday, might have been his mentor or might have been that they actually had something to do we don't know, we are going to meet up with him again sometime soon and I had a random thought to throw a scripture he gave us to beware false teachings and prophets and to make sure to test the spirits. Silly goose already done that, now I'm going to invite him to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so that he himself can test it all :3. Trololololololololololololol.
So that's about all that happened this week besides the leaving of both mine and Elder Whitney's trainers.

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