Monday, June 2, 2014

Sheep Stealing (5-26-14)

So Orlando earlier this weeks was awesome and Elder Whitney and myself
have great hopes for him. We were originally going to meet with him at
Micky D's last Tuesday in Bridgeville but we got there a bit late,
then he got there a bit late do to work but the point is rather than
just missing an appointment he actually came out and told us it would
be better to meet with him the next day. Very few Gatorz do that. We
taught him the restoration which he liked and understood so ya,
totally getting baptized :D.
Let's see here what has also been going on around here. Have a less
active to work with now a Richard. Older guy almost eighty who
is just plain awesome. Love the missionaries just has a few issues we
need to work with such as the law of tithing. And though he denies it
he really wants to go through the temple and be sealed to his deceased
wife since he almost breaks down every time he talks about it.
I had a funny thought about him. Almost like Michael ya know?
Recently past wife, wants to be sealed, just has a few things that he
needs to get past. Biggest difference would Michael wanted to come
back first visit with him. We'll get him ;).
So we went to Hunters church yesterday, the Pentecostal church. It was
interesting but good, we either got a very laid back pastor or
missionaries just really hype how crazy pentacostals are but it went
alright. The pastor talked about Memorial Day and related it to Christ
which was nice. However the singing of Long Black Train, the offering
plate, and then putting the plate under a cross and praying for it
were definitely things that I wasn't expecting ya know?
Anyway, we then met with Hunter later that night along with his mentor
who he brought along at the last second -_-. Topics received some heat
but it was definitely the best discussion I ever had with another
faith since it didn't become a bash. However once again there are
those shuttle things they try to work at ya with which I'm just like
really? Come on lol.
I could go forever on some of the things that fire me up but I'll save
ya from the boredom. Let's just say I am really sick of the of the
phrases trinity, I've been around awhile (so obviously we got it wrong
:P), and that of you just read the word of God... Ya trinity is never
once mentioned in the bible sooooo.... Bad Elder Olsen bad don't rage
But so the reason why the title is called sheep stealing was something
I found extremely funny at the end. So originally it was supposed to
be a we go to your church you come to ours right? Which Hunter is all
over, but his mentor doesn't like that idea :3. Ya know where this is
going right? We reminded Hunter about that and he's like ya I'll come
and his mentor is like well, um, we, um, We have our service and
Hunter has things he needs to do there.
Hunter gave him a funny look like what? And then said I'll come to the
last two hours then and his mentor once again tried to do the same
thing but it was very stupid and comical. One we gave up our service
time for yours, two the only thing Hunter did there is give an
offering, three we are fully aware that you know that those who come
to a latter day service have a higher chance of what you would deem to
be a stolen sheep :3. It's true and the older man knows it all to well
hahahahahahahaha. Sorry I'm going crazy outa boredom and people like
Hunters mentor.

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