Monday, June 9, 2014

Pentacostals, Birds, Bee's, Service

So this week was individual, not to mention I hit the five month marker :P. Seems I only have a year and a half left. Not sure how that happened or where summer came into play but hey, I'm on the round about turn real soon here. 
So lets see, we had a ton of service this week. Like from Tuesday we were going from service to service and all of it was good. I wouldn't be surprised to receive an email from Pres. as to why numbers are so low but that's ok, it was all for a good cause ;). We are having a member move out unfortunately Mr. Brother Ballard. One of those guys who's been here forever and now that he's moving your like what?!
Super cool guy and really nice, probably in his 80's. It was so funny though, we went over on Wednesday to help him move out but what we found is that this will probably be more than a one day move. He had barely packed anything and had to go through everything before he decided whether or not to keep it. Lets just say that we barely finished one room and we have the rest of the house to go through.
Also on Wednesday they had us set up the new security system for the I-pads which didn't work for mine funny enough. But ya they are tightening things down here which I'll harp on later but I'm on the old system with no instructions on how to get onto the new one :/... FREEDOM!!! Na I won't do anything bad ;).
On Thursday we had zone training again do to it being the beginning of the month again. And we had a really awkward training on members and how to get them interested but one thing that's been bugging me lately is that a lot of missionaries have been starting to smack the things that Members do or don't do.
Maybe I'm wrong but lately meal appointments have been getting smacked in our weekly news and missionaries just overall not having the best things to say about member presents or things like that and I just don't like it ya know? They do a lot, sure could do more but so could we, why use them as the scape goat?
Later that night though we went with Brother Heder who is one of the members we do quite a bit of stuff with to help him with an old ladies lawn again, but what was really cool is that before going and doing this we learned that he is a bee keeper which is really sweet. I asked him quite a few questions on how to do it, fun things about it and other such things but he was very informative and once I find a place to settle later on I wouldn't mind picking up on the hobbie :D.
Friday was another move of members but they are staying in the ward fortunately. Oh I forgot to tell ya that we came across more less actives on Tuesday. The Bassford couple and they are totally coming back to church, we hope at least. They haven't had any home teachers and in their opinion didn't feel welcomed to the Seaford ward so they quit coming. They know its true though and said if they receive some love and some Home Teachers that they will becoming back :D.
On Saturday we went to Dover to help with a family history Fair at the church, it was mostly a get outta work day cause we manned a missionary table, were greeters, and sat in on some of the lessons. Sorry I fell asleep during most of the lessons but I did learn a few things. For now though I think I'll stick to indexing since I know how to do that and have the time to do so ;).
However it didn't just end there that day. There was going to be a baptism at a beach in Lewis that required some witnesses so we decided to go to that.
Well on the way we received a call that they had forgotten white pants so we went all the way back to Georgetown to get them. And then the address they gave was faulty, then the directions they gave made no sense, and then we spent about an hour driving around this state park beach looking for them with no phone service, and then we found em' but the baptism was over hahahahahahaha.... my goodness we were so tired by that point :3.
Now yesterday was good. We had a meeting with Hunter again and when we got there we saw that he had brought along more equaling his group to three and we were like oh gosh no, not more of them lol. Well it ended up being alright, the third person actually his brother didn't do a thing and the meeting went well overall. Things were a lot more relaxed and we had a good discussion.
What was really weird but super cool is that a member from Cambridge who we don't even know popped up outta no where and jumped in and was super bold. I feel he thinks that he messed things up but he totally did what we needed and I really wish that he was in our ward cause he new how to get things done.
Asking if they had read the Book of Mormon and if they had fulfilled their end of the deal to come to our church since we went to theirs. Really nice guy, gonna make him a thank you card this week :).
Bu,t so with Hunter and his mentor, something really cool is happening and we hope to be able to connect the rest of the dots. Unfortunately at this time Hunter is not progressing but we've set up a fellowship between us and his denomination. So what we are hoping to do his to get an inter faith relationship with them and our ward to help each other out with service projects or things like that, we need to talk to Bishop Gordon his thoughts but Elder Whitney and I think that would be super awesome.
Another cool thing is that they even offered, a Pentecostal missionary group at that, to share their booth with Elder Whitney and myself for an upcoming event called river fest which is supposed to be really big around here :). I find the idea interesting but really cool at the same time! Welp that about does it, saved another baby bird yesterday :D, little robin, I'll send ya a pick, talk to ya more! 

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