Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All Alone

So ya this week was the bust of all busts so far... No lessons... besides
with members but those don't count for anything so anyways I'll give ya
what I got thus far. I think I'll start from Thursday since that's at least
where a few interesting things popped up. On Thursday we had zone training
like usual but we were going to have interviews afterwards as well since
they were cancelled the first time do to an emergency. So President came
and sat in on our training with the Zone Lords and put in some really cool
comments. Learned that a few things had changed but the only one that
really stuck out to me is that we are now allowed to write previous
investigators in past areas... Would seem I'm a bit apostate since I
already have done that with Bill and Ricky along with Michael since that's
the only form of communication they have :3 woopsie!
Anyways it was probably one of the few zone trainings that I have liked.
The Sister Training leaders weren't as high and mighty this time and the
zone leaders had a good message along with a role play that wasn't
ridiculously weird 0.o. But what I liked the most would be that we finally
had interviews! Man I've been waiting some time for this lol. Being at the
bottom of the mission really doesn't help them come quicker but at least
they came. President and I had a good chat, I think he was a bit
surprised when I came in happy and chipper. I told him I was tired but that
I was doing well, just the trunkyness for the past transfer has been a bit
hard to deal with but overall good.
It was fun to talk with him, I think what was really funny though is when I
mentioned if he could believe that I was already out six months and he was
like what!? And I was like ya, remember that first interview when we got in
the mission it was crazy. He chuckled and agreed, and so we talked some
more about the area and other things. It was really good and feel a lot
better after having had it. One last thing that I found really funny is
that at the end he asked how well we were fed down in Seaford and I said
pretty good, we get about one to two meals a week on average. He told me I
was very refreshing cause he has a lot of missionaries that complain if
they aren't fed every day or every other day :3... Point Olsen!
After that we went to the Robinsons and had dinner which was good as
always. There son Samuel who turns eight really soon here was super bumbed
out though that more than likely most of the missionaries that he knew
would be leaving which was pretty sad to see but he need not worry cause
missionaries will always be here :). Friday was the biggest bust of them
all though. Whitney got the signal that he had about a 90% chance of
leaving this area so he kinda shut down on me that day... literally.
Didn't do much that day, and we didn't receive phone calls that night
either but that's alright. What isn't alright though is the patriotism in
this state. For being the first state I was very disappointed to have never
seen fireworks in any store, and to have only heard a total of three go off
that night... >.<. So thank you Dad for sending that video cause we really
missed out here on the show. Those looked like some really nice fireworks
Saturday morning we got the call for transfers and I am the only one
staying and that's about as much as we know so far... Look at all the
lonely people... Sorry ;). So ya we don't know if there will be two new
Spanish elders or if I'll be in a zebra companionship or if Spanish will
just be shut down which we really hope not since we will lose our Spanish
members and gatorz ya know? But we will find out tomorrow on the subject I
guess. Ya remember me mentioning some super cool people that we found at the
Laundromat last Monday? Well heres the story hehehe.
So we go to Georgetown and we are looking for the house number, find it and
start to pull into the drive when we go "Oh no...". Its one of those houses
that the entire exterior has been thrashed and at the present moment there
are four cats of different ages visible, two inside a window and two
outside. Well we walk up to the door and an older lady answers with a
stream of cats coming out the door... We proceed to ask her if Thomas and
Kimberly were around and she notified us that they were arrested earlier
that week for something and she hasn't seen em' since... Gosh dangit. Well
we asked if she had interest which she said no. Realized more cats had come
out, the floor was covered in poop and Elder Whitney and myself were
probably a bit to eager to be on our way lol. He later noted that the
welcome mat was infested with fleas :P.
So that's what happened there and yesterday mostly the same thing happened
with a members LA son and non member future daughter in law but this time
its different cause they want to get back into the groove and learn :D. So
we will be setting up a future appointment with them. We also learned of
some more future potential for our area (hahahahahahaha) but these ones
will be sooner to crack down on and I can't wait to see this area flip
after three months of waiting. God will know best when it needs to get
going though :).

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