Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Reporter

Whelp, best just go for it but WE GOT ONE!!!!! My goodness its been a month since we taught an actual lesson and we actually had someone who is an actual investigator my goodness :P. And the best part of it all is that he came to us rather than us finding him.
So, his name is Orlando and he is around the age of 45.  His mother was a Latter Day Saint and within the past year she passed and apparently he was investigating the church a year ago but found no interest in it at the time. But with the coming of Mothers Day he had a super strong feeling that he needed to turn his life around so He called up another ward. They refered him to us, and he is going to be solid! We meet with him again tomorrow night which is awesome.
Lets see what else happened cause that was definitely the highlight around here :D. So lets see we got some more potential coming up.

I gave a talk on the Word of Wisdom and I must say that I always get the feeling that I don't like my talks afterwords ya know? Just didn't go as planned, feel right, or I gave the wrong idea but I guess others like it.
And I don't know I just don't feel like I can relate to the word of wisdom as well ya know, never had a drug or alcohol problem. Anyways I just hope I can get that talk one of these times that I can relate to ya know?
So lets see I also went on exchanges with the Elders in Cambridge this week Elder Smith and Elder Riggby.

I also noticed something about myself this week. It's in the air and I know what it is but the temptation is going to have to wait :3. Been thinking about Dark Canyon and how I'm going to miss that this year my goodness lol. Gonna miss that and there is nowhere to hike here to even try to subsidize it. We literally are in the middle of nowhere :/.
I'll email ya more, just gotta think of some other things, not to much happened besides the things that I already told ya. A chihuahua came charging at us yippin' and a yappin' yesterday so I charged back. Pore thing, sounds like a stuck pig as I came at it and chased it :3.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I might actually have an investigator that I could work with on Facebook :D. I joined an LDS discussion group like my Zone Leader recommended.
Most of the page is junk and people just ramble from topic to topic and some of the ordained woman are on there putting up the strangest stuff that I'm not to particularly fond of >.<. So before I fully quit the group I placed a post asking if anyone might want to learn about the church in a more one on one situation and I got a bite :D.
I'ma hopefully talk with them a little later tonight but I guess we will see and I will have to let you know :). Really hope we can find someone this week. Getting a bit tiring every week having to say why we don't have any gators :(. Just no one is ever home and the ones we do contact say they aren't interested... This area needs a good spiritual beating with a stick lol.

So this week there isn't much going on for us. Few dinner appointments and the chance that we might go to a Pentecostal service with Hunter. Elder Whitney isn't to fond of the idea and I myself am not sure what to think of it. I'm going to ask President his thoughts but from what I've heard is that Pentecostal's can get pretty crazy, but then again I haven't ever been to one of those meetings so it could be a really cool thing to learn about.
Anyway, today I really hope we can go see some of the museums  here in Seaford since we don't have much else to do around here till the end of the month. If we have the miles I'm going to ask Whitney what his thoughts are on going up to Lewis. Go see some things there and possibly the Atlantic ocean again since its pretty close to the coast.

Trip to Bethany Beach