Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Report

So this past week as I may have told ya already Bill and Ricky have
baptismal dates for April 20 and we are working on seeing what we need
to do to help them get married. They are both really awesome and can't
wait to see how things go over the next couple of weeks. They had a
party for Bills Mom on Saturday and yesterday we went over and found
Bills siblings there and met with them. He has a really fun family to
be around and all had questions for us which was pretty fun.
Also this week we came back in contact with Michael Rozetti who was
supposedly gone to a methadone hospital for the next two years but we
actually learned this is a pending future plan and that he was
actually in the hospital for some artery check ups, so he says. But
anyways he's doing fine and we got him onto another baptismal date and
we are working with him on the word of wisdom with coffee and smoking
n such.
He even came to church for a little bit yesterday but wasn't there for
more than thirty minutes when he left cause he didn't think the
sacrament had anything to do with Jesus. So tonight we are going to be
talking with him about the sabbath day as well as church and church
meeting cause there ain't nothing in the sacrament that isn't about
Christ lol. Our guess is he was looking more for a service of that of
Catholics or baptists.
Michael Gabbet is doing really well and will hopefully come to church
in two weeks if not general conference this week. He's one of my
favorite people to meet with and can't wait to see him get back into
things, I'll send ya a picture of him as soon as I can. Yesterday I got a
picture with Bishnu and Roslynn. Those two are super awesome and we
hope that Bishnu's husbands mom (that's a mouthful :P) will have her
heart softened. Anyways Chatur Rai is
doing well to and we tried to get a baptismal date with him on
Thursday. He's under the impression though that he has to know the
whole bible as well as the Book of Mormon before thinking about
baptism which isn't a bad thing at all, we tried to explain to him
that learning is eternal and that he can be baptized before knowing
everything but he still wants to know as much as possible.
I went on exchange with one of the zone leaders on Wednesday an Elder
Watt who is super into the mission, in a very methodical way if ya
know what I mean. What I mean by that is he probably doesn't think
about anything but the mission out in da field, in da house, and other
such stuff. Real good kid though.
I also went on exchange with jones on Friday. He goes home in a week
and a half and actually got what we call trunky papers that we opened
later that night after basket ball along with elder Whitaker and elder
Nieman. Bit depressed since he's one of my favorite missionaries.
Shoot elder Whitaker goes home in ten weeks :P.
Anyways I had best send this one off, on the subway waving hello to a
guy on the trolley right next to us lol.

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