Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Apparently yolo isn't a word or a form of hello so my IPad keeps
trying to change it lol. So this past week has been pretty good and a
bit sad as well. So all week we were unable to get a hold of Michael
or Anthony except for once while I was on exchange on the Spanish side
and it was only Anthony they got a hold of... Kinda he was high at the
time so they didn't talk to much there. But so what happened is that
it was either Friday or Saturday we were up in that area and saw a
police car but no one outside so we had hoped for the best. Last night
we finally got Michael and talked with him and found out that Anthony
was arrested. He hadn't been back to make his visits for parole and he
was high at the time so they took him in. We plan to go and visit him
if we can in a couple of days when he's not sick but we will see if
he's in our area or not.
Michael however is doing well and has supposedly been off of drugs for
nine days so that is pretty awesome and we remade a baptismal date
with him for May 18 and we are going to work with him the best we can.
We are going to try and make it a daily thing where we go over and
help hi with his addiction, read, learn how to read, and just give him
company since Anthony is no longer there and chuck is rarely there.
George is doing well and we got to go over for both his and Sister
Shoesters daughters birthday which was really nice of them. It seems
that George is getting more comfortable with us and is also receiving
the lessons better than when we first started with him which is really
good. He's a great guy he's just gonna take some time to just let it
all come and not resist it lol.
We also have two new investigators Bill and Ricky who are really
awesome and we are hopefully going to have baptismal dates for come
tonight. I found Bill with Jonesey on exchange and at first he didn't
want to talk with us and then he said alright to it. It took some time
to get back to him since I wrote the address down wrong lol. Well it
would seem a miracle happened on my exchange Spanish side since we
found out that after a prayer that was given by elder Whitaker and
elder Mask the sister of Ricky finally came out of a coma. And what I
mean by that is a minute after that prayer was said they received a
phone call that she came out of the coma ;).
On the exchange Spanish side I got to teach English for the first time
and let me tell ya that it was a fun but very troublesome experience.
One I don't speak Spanish so that makes things a bit hard and second
English is messed up if ya don't grow up learning why it is the way it
is lol. Why letters make certain sounds at one time and others to none
another time are really troublesome to teach lol.
Anyways that's what my week has looked like in a nut shell, things go
fricken fast here and it makes no sense. Like last week was week two
and now it's week three of the transfer ;). Crazy how that is cause in
terms of weeks I've been out almost two and a half months now........
Not sure how that happened lol. I feel like the quote Michael says on
monsters inc. where everything just kinda... Blew away lol.
But really just how my perspective has changed on time with the
mission is like this. Elder Evans had fourteen months under his belt
when I first got here. He mentioned yesterday he's sixteen in now...
At fourteen and when I first started I thought he had forever left.
Now it seems he's got no time left lol. Funny how that works, for me I
still have eternity and we will see how things go XD. I do like the
mission though and enjoy it, if I didn't like it I wouldn't be doing
it so I very much disagree with Evans and Richlyck that you shouldn't
enjoy your mission.
Oh and by the way guess what..... IT FRICKEN SNOWED AGAIN! Ridiculous
right? We've had such great weather and no need for coats but it came
back again >.<. It's only two inches but still lol, why won't winter
just leave it's overstayed it's welcome and we are all outta hot
chocolate lol.

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