Monday, March 10, 2014


How y'all doing :D.  Now for the week lol. So your question about the third guy chuck is
correct. Chuck is in the middle right now and is no longer living with
Michael and Anthony full time but we do see him on the street from
time to time. We were unable to have a lesson with Anthony this week
which was unfortunate but we were able to get two in with Michael. The
first one we had a lesson we showed him a video on Christ healing a
man with Palsy and then talked about how through Christ he can be
cleansed spiritually and then physically. He really felt the spirit
strongly and even stated that he had cut down on the drugs that day so
hopefully he's working to do that every day :D. Our second lesson with
him we brought along Brother Argondiza (he totally looks like the guy
who steals DNA on Jurassic park lol) and the two hit off pretty well
in my opinion. Michael was supposed to come to church but probably slept
in, we are going to go see him later tonight hopefully.
Also last week I got my big dose of by the book missionary XP. However
on that day I also got to do something awesome which I will tell ya
about but I wanna save that for last. Elder Evans is a good guy and
he's usually up in center city but we were on exchange last Wednesday
and let's say this was a bigger dose of by the book than I had with
Burkholze, but I still like him more than Burkholze. Well I found a
potential who is now an investigator :D named Chartur Rai. Well let's
say there was no emotion in this lesson and that it was just blocks of
preach my gospel shoved down his throat since I let Evans lead the
discussion. Never happening again lol. But that's not what bugged me
and right after that is the good part. So I don't know if I've told
you about Bishnu and her daughter Roslynn who is three but I will tell
ya that they are recent converts of about 3/4 of a year and are super
awesome. Well we received a call that they were extremely sick and
wanted a blessing so we made our way over there.

Well we get there and are invited in and the only thing Evans can
think about or say is there has to be a male. There has to be a
male........ Let's just say he struck a nerve like none other and that
I was about to go in and leave him outside... Luckily there was a male
(like usual) who was at least there for Evans to see when Bishnu's
sister didn't understand that repeated bland statement he made. Well I
gave my first blessing ever to Bishnu's daughter Roslynn. Such an
awesome family and I'm glad that things worked out that Evans didn't
call pres on me lol. But I was going in with or without.

Today for Pday elder Whitaker has to do school stuff so we are
going to the church to do that and hang out with other missionaries
who we will more than likely have a ping pong tournament with ;).
I told elder Whitaker that I'll work on my temper with by the book
missionaries so we will see how I improve with that over time lol.

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