Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Ha another way to say hello lol, that one is Nepali ;).  So it fricken snowed again here!
About a week and a half ago the weather was really nice and we could
leave the big puffy coats behind but since then it's just snowed,
warmed up, and snowed again. Really looking forward to spring here but
from what I've heard is that it's very short before it just becomes a
steam house outside lol. This week we didn't have to many lessons
unfortunately but the ones we did have counted.
Monday we had a lesson with George Callahan and it went extremely
well. We made him a bit angry the last time we talked with him about
doing the baptism for himself rather than his soon to be wife and it
ticked im' off a bit but this week his heart was softened and we had a
really good lesson. He was also amazed that Joseph Smith is actually
referenced in the bible and I think it put quite a few puzzle pieces
together for him.
We also had quite a few lessons with Michael and Anthony. Our first
lesson last week actually started off with Anthony in a melt down.
He's on drugs and hates it and wants to get off but was very sure how
to do that by himself. So we went right into how the gospel of Jesus
Christ can help us in are greatest struggles and then went right into
what we could do to help him. So far we've helped him get his id so
that he can get into a clinic to help him get off so hopefully he
follows all of the way through and doesn't get scared. Super great guy
and knock on wood here but I think he has the high chance of being
baptized. He is very greatful for how much we've helped grow in his
faith and has even mentioned that he needs to be baptized!
And then after that we saw them throughout the week helping with that
stuff but other than that not to much has happened. Transfers begin
today and almost my entire district, actually all but one are staying.
Elder Rockwood is leaving to Brazil which is super awesome since he's
waited almost a year for his visa but super sad because he's a fricken
stud. I got his info to stay in contact so all is good.
Being the district leaders companion I get moved around a lot through
the companionships. This past week I was with elder Richlyck who's
from center city.I was also on exchange with elder rich who is a Spanish elder and is also a stud.
Had a great time on the companionship with him but during lessons I
said about three words since everyone we talked to was Hispanic and
knew two words of English.

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