Monday, April 7, 2014


So to start off this weeks listing we have Michael  who we
dwoped on Tuesday. It was a bit sad since it was my first actual drop
of an investigator and one that I had thought might actually push for
baptism but as we found Tuesday he wasn't really into it like he had
shown before. He was supposed to quit smoking on the first and when we
went by he had all of his stuff to move the next day out on the
sidewalk. Mostly just scrapping junk but besides the point when we
started talking with him about quiting smoking coffee and tea and if
he had stopped doing them he said that he hadn't and wasn't going to
give them up. Coffee he was like I don't know about anyone else but it
gives me a boost in the morning... Of course it does cause of caffeine
and addiction... >.<... Anyways he isn't willing to strive at the
moment and I would say that it's the memory thing but he can remember
everything else except the things we've taught him. Well I bought a
calvin and Hobbs book off him for twenty cents.

Anyways to other things Bill and Ricky are doing awesome in
progression but Ricky is going through a very hard time at the moment.
We will find out what happened the next time we visit but Ricky was
given the very unfortunate and rare decision on whether or not to pull
the plug on her sister in the icu. Her sister was getting better but
then fell back again in progress and had to be put back under so she
didn't have seizures anymore and it's really hard for Ricky since her
sister is the last living family member she has left :(. Hoping for
the best but we will find out.

So I found my own gator by the name of Frank a week and a half ago I
don't know if I told you about him but he's doing awesome. We met him
once last week and taught a very ruff restoration lesson but he loved
it and is reading the Book of Mormon. He already believes it's true
but is going to continue to read and pray to know for himself. He also
came to the morning session yesterday and really liked that. He said
that Elder Uchtdorf (slaughtered that name)s talk is what spoke out to
him the most and he is going to live by those principles from now on.
He's a really cool guy and I can't wait to talk more with him. However
we've run into a problem here to lol. So Frank is a professional mixed
martial arts fighter and way back in the day for status had his hands
licensed as legal weapons. Well as he explained to us how this works
is that if you have that done and get in a fight outside of the ring
things can go heavily against you in a court case. He was defending
himself but do to that little quirk he was charged with attempted
murder with a weapon. He's on probation till 2019 so we might have to
ask president for special permission to baptize him do to being on
probation for so long... To be continued lol.

Yesterday I made those pumpkin cookies for the pot luck we were having
after the first session of general conference and let's just say they
were a big hit and I now have none left. Luckily I was asked to make
one more batch for someone who wasn't there so I get to eat some more
;). Anyways I'll send this one off and see if there's anything else I
can think of. I love you guys!

P.S. Can finally just wear white shirts with no coat or sweater :D

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