Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spirit Punch

Hey guys! So Bill and Ricky both have baptismal dates which is really
awesome and they are both working towards it, even Ricky who was a
Ready baptized in her past church but was ok with the reasons why she
needs to be re baptized but she has a huge fear of water but is
comforted by the fact that both elder Whitaker and I have life guard
experience lol, even if the font water is only three to four feet deep
it helps I guess :). They are already talking about quitting coffee
which is a good sign the only thing we need to find out now is whether
or not they are legally married, common law married, or just
cohabitating. And if they are common law married we need to find out
if that counts or if they do need to have the performance done.
So they are doing well and we will be seeing them tonight which will
be awesome and I'll have to tell ya more about them and their
progress. Also this last week we were able to find Michael Gabbet a
suit so all he needs now is a white shirt and will be back on his way
to reactivation. He's a really awesome guys and wants to come back I
just think he needed that little push to get him back on his feet.
Hopefully we can reactivate the grandson who lives with him as well
Michael is now no longer on our radar since his landlord mostly kicked
him out. We came in contact with Chuck again so that's how we found
out but from what we know his social worker has him in a methadone
hospital which will be extremely good for him and his goal to get off
of his drug. We just need to find out which one so that missionaries
can get out to him and keep him progressing, I'm sad though that we
won't be able to meet with him anymore and Anthony we are still trying
to find out which jail he is at to see if we can see him.

We had stake conference this weekend and to be honest I don't remember
a lot, but what I do is what stuck out to me and answered one of those
questions I've had but didn't exactly know what it was bothering me. A
member of the seventy elder robins gave a talk during the adult
session on missionary work and to find the connection you can make
with people to progress the work. Now how this stuck out to me is that
I've been super worried about not being a robot and since the Richlyck
event I've been very timid in lessons lately.
Well he talked about find those things that you and the people you
meet have in common and to use them towards your advantage. He even
told a really cool story where one of the apostles on his mission
taught one of there investigators the word of wisdom and they threw
away his cigarettes and took his lighter and on their way home from
that they just so happened to come by a guy who's lighter just so
happened to not be working to light his cigarette at the time they
walked by so he offered that man a light. A month later that man was
I'm working to become an individual missionary with my own style. And
I know ya hate it but I'm going to try and connect with sister Cruze's
son who is a less active. He plays League of Legends and and doesn't
talk very much while we are there but Ima gonna see if I can use that
as a starter and lead it back somehow towards the gospel and see if we
can get him back to church.
Also Saturday night we had a really cool experience. It was late and
we were about halfway down our street to go home when a guy called
out. At first we didn't know if it was us he wanted but when he said
it a second time and motioned for us to come to him we headed over. We
were both a bit worried that this guy was going to rob us but when we
got up to him we found him in a mental break down. If I remember
correctly he stated that someone had sent him to go kill another guy
but the closer he got the more he thought about what Christ and god
would think of him so he didn't go through with it. He hasn't ever
killed anyone before but he is worried that since he didn't do the job
his life might be on the line so he asked us to pray with and for him
so we did.
We got his info so that we can check up on him later on to make sure
he's ok, for now though he is going up north to stay with some family
members so that he can get away from it all and later on will come
back down so we can meet with him which will be awesome! He had a
handout card from jones a little later on, he got it from him about a
week ago. So first we will tell him we are Mormons rather than j-dubs
and then go into the gospel lol.

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