Tuesday, December 2, 2014

They will rob You!, Flooding, Unusual Unicorns, Turkey Bowl, Apostate...

So first off I have a confession. My Journal writing this transfer has been awful and thus leads me to pulling blanks for this email so if you have any ideas on how to get oneself to write in their journal please message me, your comments will be much appreciated. Anyways I got some funky things to write this time around so please bear with me :3. So just to start off our message here after our preparation hours were over (hard to call it a day ;) ) we went and saw Nancy and Gil which went really well for us. We watched the finding faith in Christ dvd which I had never even seen myself prior to this point, but we had a good spiritual experience with them, only marred by the fact that we got out of their at 9:15 so we were in the ghetto past nine :/. Ya nothing good ever happens after nine up there... We were walking to the elevated subway line since our luck with buses was non existent and then decided we would just walk the rest of the way. Well right outside of the "ell" station this guy stops us and is like, "hey ya'll Mormon?" And we were like, "ya we are" and he's like, "hey it's my Mormon Brothers!!" His girlfriend was like hey Mormons! And right as we are about to talk back he said, "what the Heck are you guys doing here!? (Language edited). They will rob You!!" Well, he walks us up to the the Ell and says we should never come back cause "They will rob You!" Freaked elder Litton out for the rest of the night but besides that we had an uneventful night... Wait a second! No, another adventure began and that was when we came home to find that our toilet that was just, fixed that day, flooded the entire upstairs!! Dang we were angry about that, it leaked down into the first floor ceiling.... >.<. Well it wasn't our plumbers fault but the manufacture piece he replaced. Came back Friday and fixed that.... Ten minutes after he left the toilet broke again :/. Well then.... The next day we went on exchanges and I had elder Chapman with me who is another Golden in our district and we had a really good time. The exchange started late but we were able to talk with a seventh day Adventist before going to the Wasco's for dinner which was good. Had some good home made fried chicken. Now we come to the next point of our emails title. We get onto the elevated line and as we do there is this guy wearing a unicorn mask... :3. We get a giggle or two and are trying to figure out what's going on. Well, he proceeds to get up as if to leave on the next stop. But rather than doing so he turns on some music and starts to poll dance... We bust up laughing as we get off. Man I love serving in the city, it really is the best place. Wednesday wasn't very eventful, since Thanksgiving was on Thursday we had our district meeting then, that was it. We went to a members later that night and had ribs which was really good. Thursday morning was really awesome up hurtful. We had a turkey bowl where our zone and another showed up and we just played football for a couple of hours. It was a ton of fun and I had one really cool play where elder park tipped a pass that was coming for me in hopes of an interception but it came to me and I tipped it as well, well it was floating in the air so I just kept going for it so it was like this weird juggle trying to hold onto this ball on my way to the end zone lol. If that made any sense let me know ;). Thanksgiving was alright though it was a bit weird. We went to the Wasco's after football which took up the rest of our day. Brother Wasco and I had a battle of wits, which was a lot of fun, however right at the very end he beat me out. Friday we had dinner at the Tabers which was nice. They gave us another thanksgiving which is always good ;). Saturday we had football as usual and man that was a cold day. Ground was like concrete but we had fun. Later that night all our appointments cancelled when we received a call from the Giordano family that they wanted us over for a late Thanksgiving dinner that night... Goodness! :). We shared the new, share the gift video, which they loved. Susan for the first time said that she wanted to start coming out to church again which was awesome though unfortunately she didn't show up this time around :(. We are going back Wednesday though for a good lesson and to watch the snake eat a rat! Sunday was an adventure.... We were asked to give elders quorums lesson which was elder Robbins talk "which way do you face". When we got that we were like oh dear... And just like last Sunday the few members who are for lgtb gave their remarks right at the very end so no one could do anything >.<. I'm slightly sick of how this Ward is at times ya know? Well the strange Sunday didn't end there. Spanish branch is having me play their hymns for them and a man taught me how to play the "cheater organ" haha so I was up on that bad boy. It didn't go well. Got the hymns to practice late and had no time to practice so it was pretty bad :/. Mind sending out a how to play the organ book, lol? Man I need to do better this coming week for them. Anyways that about sums up the week.

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