Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Conference, Christmas, Communications and Connections Online, Service!!!

Well this will be an interesting letter since I finally got to see all of your wonderful faces this past week and tell ya stories of hinder and yawn ;). But I'll reiterate just a few just in case I missed anything. So at the Christmas conference we received a nice little message from both President and Sister Anderson that were short sweet and to the point before we went and played Preach My Gospel Jeopardy. It was fun but we made Sister Anderson cry cause I guess we just got to competitive..... Sigh l:/. To which we then watched seventeen miracles which was really good. The man known as Brother Albert if y'all remember him is my favorite out of them all. That movie sets a mood that very few can get you to feel. We then had our talent show which I very much enjoyed and I can't wait to send you videos of my favorite ones. I was second to last and President complimented my presentation which I was very happy and relieved about since I was bit worried about it but the worrying was for naught. Then we had FLIPPING AMAZING CHRISTMAS!!! And it was gone in a blink of an eye but I was super excited to talk with y'all and the opportunity to see other familiar faces. Just got an email from Kali saying she should be on her way out too :). So I'm glad to see that y'all made it home safely and I hope that each one of you had a good Christmas. I've already put the banjo book to work which has been a lot of fun, though I do feel that these types of string instruments are really hard to play, my fingers like to hit other strings :3. The card game has been fun too, now that we have a few missionaries who now know how to play. We later went to Annie's house which was fun but weird since the sisters were there too. Just adds a strange setting that I'm not to entirely used to but oh well. Friday we had district meeting since Christmas was occupied and it was good. Litton had me help him build a small nativity for it which was nice and we discussed the birth of Jesus Christ. What really stood out Friday though is that we were able to spend some time with Bishop and his family. We have been trying to get a better relationship with Ward council members since it just doesn't seem that they trust us, but we had a really good time with him. We walked through Love Park with all the vendors, watched two Christmas shows, walked through a Maceys Dickens Christmas Carol village and I almost had the opportunity to beat and to teach someone on a chess board :3. It was a really good night and one that we need for us and Bishop. Saturday we helped the Frankford Elders with a service project in our area which was nuts. Cleaned out a side alley and it was just gross! Looks so much better now though it's going to need a lot more work with heavy machinery but it's the first service I've been able to do since reaching this area so I'm pretty dang happy for that reason :). And that about wraps up this past week. I received hymns the day before Sunday and miraculously I was able to play them mostly proficiently. I'm pretty sure that Gods back hurts a lot of the time cause he really carries this team ;)

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