Monday, December 22, 2014

Long week, Case of the Long Lost Letter, Cookie Day, Messiah

So for the first time in a really long time I have very very little to write about for this past week. We had two lessons planed, for all but two days this past week and every single one of them fell through so Elder Litton and myself were out and about trying to find most days with no success (:P. So ya last week was really ruff. The only lesson that we were able to manage was on facebook. On our spare time this week during lunches and stuff Elder Litton was teaching me a bit of sign language that he knows which has been really fun since I actually understand it unlike Spanish and what not. I guess that it is because it is a visual language but as of the moment I know the whole alphabet (besides x :P) and a few words but I doubt enough to carry an actual language haha. After a long week, on Saturday we were invited over to Mike and Dannas house for something they called cookie day. There were quite a few people there and it was a fun time. Mostly we just hung out in the kitchen talking with Danna and helped with the cookies since the kids were watching movies in the other room which we try our best to avoid ;). Received a whole box of cookies... Yay me :P! :3 Yesterday church went like usual. The spanish elders sent me the hymns late, then they changed one while there, I played silent night on the piano after a five minute request to do so before the meeting which didn't turn out to bad but the others I mostly just ended up playing the top hand since I was super stressed and under prepared. Later last night though I went and watched Elder Litton perform in the messiah which he has been doing for the past three weeks. It was a stake activity and it was really cool to go and see. I saw Brother Livigni for the first time since I left south Philly and watched him sing marvelously. Got video of parts of this so I got some good singing to send your way ;). That about wraps up this week though... I'm really worried for my return email this time from President. Last time I was this low with lessons I was with a trunky companion and I got the chewing out so I guess we will see how this goes over :/. Welp tis the season to be festive and I hope that y'all have a fun Christmas time with family.

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