Monday, December 8, 2014

My name is George Nelson! Not Baby Face!, ?!?, Sick as a Dog, Bill and Ricky

So I'm a bit scatter brained at the moment and have forgotten a bit of what I wanted to talk with yall about but either way something or other will be told by this brother to a dad, some sisters and a mother.... Yup one of those days. Anyways to move on with our week and it's delightsome details... Well mostly everything fell through :/. So I'll mostly be cutting to the chaste of the little things that stuck out this past week. And so we cut to Friday while I was on exchanges with Elder Long here in my area. So our exchange started off pretty late compared to how they usually are. We've had a ton of rain this past week and Thursday was no exception except for on that day it was just a lot of mist rain which happens every so often around here. Well I had been getting pretty sick up to this point but as we were sitting waiting for our bus to come we or rather I had a rare and awkward exchange of words. Within five minutes of each other I was hit on twice by two high school girls :P. The first one started off with my eyes and I had no idea what to do so I just changed the topic as quick as I could to then have elder Long come in and help me but while doing so the next girl hit on me and I just gave up by that point and gave her a he is the gift card, haha, shoot that was weird. My exchange went pretty well with Elder long by the fact that we had an awesome miracle happen later that evening. We had just come from Facebook and practicing the piano (was almost invited to play at a Spanish wedding while there 0.o) on our way to an appointment when some guys detained us for a bit, missed our bus and then ended up having to walk a great distance, when a guy we had passed yelled from a block down asking if we were Mormons? His name is Rob and in the past he had dated a mormon who gave him a tripod Book of Mormon and had taken him to church and everything. This being probably five or more years ago picked that back up just a few days before meeting us and had felt the spirit. Not having seen missionaries in years he had to speak to us so thus we did :D. He doesn't live in our area but we got his number and facebook so we will hopefully be able to send him off to the other missionaries. Oh our appointment cancelled right as we were talking with him too :P. Saturday I was feeling better but I pretty much lost my voice entirely as we played football in a progressively worse downpour :P. I was bored this time around since I was sick and couldn't do much so we end that there. We were going to do a back to back exchange but with the little amount of time that we had that day before the ward party we decided against it. So got cleaned up and tried to make a desert for the party which ended up being a disaster that tasted really good but it wasn't ready for the party so we left it at home. I call it brownie monster and will send you the recipe later on. The party was really fun though I'm not to sure if my companion fully enjoyed it. Seemed like a business trip for him as he went this way and that way with objectives I myself wasn't to sure about but oh well. I talked with Brother Moala who used to serve in this mission about my trainer and got some funny stories about them towel boxing haha. Guess my trainer got knocked out pretty good. Sunday I played the organ and this time I did really well which I was happy about since a lot of the spanish elders were complaining that they hadn't gotten one of the sister missionaries to play bah! I wouldn't have it ;). After church we had to rush to a lesson in which we had a couple coming out with us to teach which fell through., but we revived it with another one which went really well so our time was well spent with a lady named Daisy... Or Debbie... Not really sure since she answers to both. After that Litton went on another mini exchange so that he could go to penny pack to practice for Handles Messiah which I may or may not be included on next week we shall see since I didn't have a voice really yesterday. I went with Elder Seeley who started his mission in this area to Mike and Danas for dinner where he just went ham on Dana and why she really hasn't progressed since the time he was here. Unfortunately she dodged everything as usual but it was really cool to watch Seeley go man mode within a lesson. This morning we went and saw Bill and Ricky down in south Philly which was awesome! They are doing alright but I was a bit worried before going down since the missionary I talked to before hand in that area said that they were struggling and not really progressing. The main thing I could tell is that they were just taking up a lot of time by coming by four to five times a week which I myself have never heard of. But they are doing well. Bill quit smoking and is weaning off wih ene ciggarettes and Ricky had her hip surgery done so she could walk again which was awesome to see. It was really refreshing to go and see those two.

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