Monday, November 24, 2014

I don't delight in fatness, Billiards, Excuse me Mrs. But have you ever wondere

Welp another week has come and gone just like that and now we begin week three of this short transfer :P. As of the moment we have a man in our apartment fixing the sink and toilet which probably should have been called in about a month ago but as procrastinators we prefer to unite ourselves later... Preferably after lunch. Anyways I'll move from there and get on with the week. So I don't know what was up with this past week but for four days straight we were fed pizza by members and non members and I can honestly say that I'm starting to hit that old college tiredness of pizza :P, so much of it and it's really fatty. Elder Litton says I watch my figure to much but hey I don't wanna get that flat tire belly that I see a lot of Elders fashioning these days :3. Gotta get a scale in here. Ok I'll really get to it this time. So on Monday night we were supposed to have a meal and lesson with Nancy and Gil but Gil forgot so we didn't end up going there. Well we found out an hour later from a call by our Ward mission leader that we were supposed to be having dinner with him and his family which the sisters hadn't told us about, Bingo. So we had white chili with rolls which was really good and had a good time with them. It's nice to actually be meeting with members in this Ward. The Peterson family is really cool, he served his mission in Ogden which covers Logan so we talked about that and a show we both liked called cowboy bebop. They have three kids that are just funny as heck. They didn't think that chili was good for their body machine :3. Tuesday we had weekly planning but we saw Brandon before doing so and he was awesome as always. Later that night we had dinner with the Wasco's as usual and it went well. One thing that I've noticed with less active and investigator meals is that I do most of the talking which is a bit unusual for me but its alright it's something I need to do more of. We had missionary correlation that night to which is different since it's usually on a Wednesday but we had an elders quorum activity that night. Litton and I actually ended up going to that and it was a lot of fun. We played Billiards and I beat the best guy there :D. Would have won the second game too had I not scratched when shooting the eight ball >:). Thursday morning started off the day to be very strange. So we were standing outside of a bus stop trying to figure out where to go when a lady passed us to which we greeted and then she went on. Well we ended up taking the same route as her and passing her again Litton took the opportunity to ask her if she new where babies came from... :3. She was nine months pregnant and answered uh I think I know where XD. Started off extremely awkward, I'm walking just ahead trying not to bust up laughing but Litton saved himself with the P.o.S. And she said we could come back if she wasn't in labor. Ended up being just that but afterwards talking with him he said that it hadn't sounded so weird in his head ;). So skipping to Saturday we were invited by Nancy to come to her nieces birthday party to pick up a plate of food. We get in there and the row home is just packed with kids and adults with really loud music. It was a Frozen themed party and we get in and I talk with Gil quite a bit but when I stop I'm just hearing the most profane music and Litton is white as a ghost since he wasn't talking so much so I finished my plate and got us out of there. That was a bait and switch kids party if I had ever been to one lol. Last but not least we come to Sunday. Let the audience know that there are some topics you talk about and many that you don't within the walls of church. Combined third hour is not the time to have an open discussion about people's thoughts on Homosexuality >.<. It started off with a good message from bishop but he opened it up to discussion which went south within two comments for the rest of the time. Any investigator in there would have thought the church was in favor with the LGBT group with how some of the members were in there.... On our way home though Litton suddenly mumbles something and turns around and I go whattt? He said gotta go back, so we walked a block and he knocked a door to which he just went right into our message and asked for a time we could come back and the lady said yes. Her names Dawn and we will be seeing her on Wednesday... I wanna do something like that!!! Later that night we got fed twice :P and that about wraps up this week.

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