Monday, December 15, 2014

Ruff to stuff, not to much, Seeley, transfer calls, baptismal tally?, Sisters

So I'm a very happy to say that I will not be picked up and moved this transfer or at least I need to make it through tomorrow without receiving a call cause ye changed their minds... Yay me! So I myself and Litton will be serving out a seven week transfer this time since this past one was five so that they could get all the dying missionaries home for Christmas and to save money on tickets.... Next year will be interesting. Anyways I am excited that I will be staying this go around but another interesting thing we have going on is that in a zone of 22 people only two are being transferred which no one saw coming. Well I don't have to many crazy wild things to talk about this past week no sir so I'll cut to the chase that up until about Wednesday we just walked around and tried to find people. Thus I have a very boring title compared to the usual which disappoints me but I'll have to live with it or think of something wittier to put down. So on Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Seeley who I have been dying to go on exchanges with all transfer since my companion is the district leader. The day started off pretty sweet since the four of us ordered wings for lunch that were just darn right tasty. Well we got into the exchange pretty quick when we dropped in on Gill looking for Nancy but she was at work. He has been having a lot of struggles with work lately and with the coming Christmas season, which we didn't know until after we showed him the he is the gift video, which helped him to feel a lot better and was very happy that we had stopped by and showed him that video. Lately he has been calling himself a Mormon so the next time we get over there for an actual lesson we have plans to set him with an actual baptismal date ;). We then went to the church where I practiced the organ as usual and face booked but right after we went to Daisy's with Brother Tabour and talked a bit more about the Book of Mormon so that she could have a better understanding of it. I'm really excited for Daisy since she has been doing what we have asked her to do and she accepted a baptismal date on this visit :D! The main thing now is that I want to get a closer relationship with her like our other investigators which just seems to be coming slower than usual which I don't like >:/. Right from their we had some grub and Seeley and I talked. He goes home what now is next transfer but at the time I could tell that he was going through a really ruff time. Super hard worker but I could tell that the end of the line with the possibility of being transferred was something that was really creeping up on him at the time. Luckily though he got to stay which I hope helped him and I'm excited to be serving with him again. Well our missionary meeting that night, to where we give all of our updates and help neededs to our Ward mission leader, went well and I brought up that our mission leaders want us back in Ward council which I've been wanting for awhile since the missionaries and Ward seem to have a distant gap between themselves... Besides the sisters that is but that's a later point :P. I had no support from our district which bugged me but because it was asked to be done thankfully we got in. Now there are some really cool sister missionaries who I've met (most are home now...) but unfortunately I've come down to a dislike for them since members only wanna do things for them leaving us out and a certain sister here seems to always shut things down before they take off before the idea can take off since she doesn't "feel comfortable" about it... :P. Sorry for my rant but I need to get it out, anyways on with our time. Friday to Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Sutton again which was good right up until the very end. We had a very random appointment at 8 Saturday morning for a guy he had talked to who lived in another wards area but since they couldn't go we ended up going and it was pretty bad. The mans name was John who had very little background in religion let alone only had the belief that there had to be some higher power but rather than just touching on a few things Sutton just plowed through with the restoration as fast as possible so that we could make it to football.... Dang it! He was so confused at the end to :(. I'm a bit worried about his golden/greeny missionary too. Kid has no life experience so he just buys a lot of junk and on his msf he had a dollar left.... He's still got a whole month left what the heck haha. Boy I'm glad I went to college first ;). Football was good but the rest of the day kinda stunk since everything that we had planned fell through. Sunday we had to get up really early to go to a meeting where we discussed the missionary efforts in our Ward and what our plan was going to be for the coming year. It was nice and President Anderson actually came to be apart of it to which was really sweet. He had some really awesome compliments about the missionaries in our Ward which I'm a bit worried about now, haha. Either way though I hope that it helps the Ward to trust us more since bishop was in there too. After church I played the organ again but I was a bit bumbed this time around. Didn't play as well and the third song I was different than the one I was told to practice so a lady from another Ward came in to save the day. Then Litton started doing this head bobbing for me to leave which I didn't understand since I had one more song to play so I asked the lady to do so and found out that Litton just wanted to make some phone calls >.<. Hope I haven't lost my job haha. We went on my first time ever splits yesterday too. I went with a senior couple in our Ward the Syme's to Daisy again which went well. I had to slow down a bit since it was going so fast but the Symes were a great help with Daisy and at the end she asked what she needed to do to be baptized :D! It was pretty sweet. From there Litton went to practice the Messiah while I went with Lundberg our ZL to Mike and Dana's :). Well that about wraps it all up, I need to find a spanish elder to translate a post I found on facebook since I think some of the investigators I worked with back in Seaford with Elder Leavitt got baptized! We will see.

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