Monday, January 5, 2015

God and Nerf Wars, Wasco's, Buffet Mistakes, Return of the Susan, Dry Mormon

So to start off with today's letter I will begin with a bit of bragging and geekiness, I finally won Munchkin! And won all my football games, so I'm satisfied with this past week to say the very least. It was a good week and it has Elder Litton and I a bit psyched and ready to see what will be happening this coming week. So to begin, we started the week, Monday night by going to the Dighl family for family home evening which was cool but slightly strange at the time. Brother Dighl had a busy ruogh day so he was asleep the entire time we were there. Her son who can't be more than two years old speaks a mixture of English, cantaneez, and his own gibberish all at once so translations varied :3. It went really well though had a little dinner and shared a message about the new year and Lots wife which was fun. Tuesday our appointment with Daisy unfortunately cancelled and not much else happened that day till the evening with one of our eternagators, Jen. She's a lot of fun and very sparatic and has been on the potential drop list for a bit but this is how things go. So that night we had little time left so we dropped by to see if we could get a return appointment. Well we got it for the next day along with an unexpected nerf war with her and her kids which was a lot of fun. Well here comes Wednesday the new year and later that evening we start off with another Nerf war this time with one of Jens friends there named Rita. Had a lot of fun, when Jen sat down and said alright kids go to the other room cause we are going to talk God haha :3! It went very well and we also picked Rita up as a New Investigator! Prodestant, has a husband and daughter though we haven't met the Husband and has very sincere questions and from what we can tell interest as well. Saw them all on Friday again and we had even better results so we are excited for our next visit with them. Thursday we had the Brown family which was just ok. Their dog tried to bight Elder Litton again so we put him out back. Later that night though we got to see the Wasco's for the first time in a month and it was awesome! Brother Wasco was supposed to leave on Saturday but instead they decided to come to church for the first time since I've been here, before he left, so woot! I offended them a little bit though which was a bit funny. They have an awesome wooden monopoly set with complete metal pieces which they bring out for special occasions such as the holidays. I told them I had never actually played monopoly which set the conversation for at least five minutes ha! Getting home was going to be troublesome since we got out of there so late but due to luck and the big man up stairs we only got home five minutes late rather than 45 ;). Saturday we were able to recontact Madeline and Alexis which was sweet! They have some of the most sincere questions I have had on the mission and since we went over the restoration it cleared up a lot of the confusion we had with our last lesson three months ago :P... Later that night due to Elder Litton performing in the Messiah president Burno of the Frankford branch had us and the two sets of Frankford elders over for dinner. He took us to a chines hibachi grill which was really good though we all made the big mistake of eating way to much! Fast Sunday was the next day too! So Ya that was interesting but I would have to say I was surprised to find that Octopus tastes really good! Crawfish not so much.... XP. Yesterday we had quiet a few member presents set up... Which all fell through so we improvised during the time that we had lessons and went and gave Nancy a blessing and a lesson which was pretty sweet, she very much appreciated it. We also saw the Giordano clan and since it was extra crazy that night Susan had us step outside to talk. Answered a few of her questions and at the very end she said that she wants to come back so woo! Just need to get her back into the habit so we will do our best. Last but not least is that we had dinner like the usual with Mike and Dana with everyone else there. What was really cool though, is that the new guy living there, James, came home early from church so he could hear from us and as we were teaching Dana would pop in and teach as well... Dry Mormon anyone! I leaned over to Mike and asked if we should start filling the font to which he replied yes haha. It'll be awhile for Dana but we are excited for James.

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