Monday, June 1, 2015

Theme from Jaws, Oh's No's Doors, This is what My Leaders Do?, Sign Fun

Tis' a strange week no? First of all we only saw Jenn once and that was for about a thirty minute period of time so I am a bit confused as to where everything went this past week. Anyways this week is week six or in other words the end of the transfer. I already have plans to be packing my bags since I'm pretty doubtful of my continued stay. I've been very blessed in the fact that this is my favorite area and that I was given the opportunity to be here so long with those that I love. So here we go for the week. So we began the week extremely busy with the last half pretty well dead. We went to Brother Abad's as well as Mike's for the Memorial Day Celebration. It was a very quiet celebration but a celebration none the less. Mike had made cheese dogs before we had gotten there and had kept them safe in the microwave for us... Well if you saw that microwave you would only eat one dog out of respect as well ;3. On Tuesday we had quite a few lessons that kept us busy. We went back to Mike's house and had a pretty awesome lesson. We talked about magnifying our callings which was new and a ways from the beaten trail for him. Is was a very spiritual lesson though we left with both sides a bit confused on how he can magnify setting up chairs before church :/. Hopefully he will be called to be a ward missionary here soon. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Brianna and Meloney. I swear that I can here the Jaws theme song every time that we go over there... Just waiting for the darn shark to burst from the water since I know that Meloney is at that stage where she knows, it's just figuring out what is holding her back ya know? We need her soon to other wise I feel that keeping Brianna over the summer will be a bit hard without family support ya know? It'll all work out. We then had a lesson with Miguel which was sweet. He's so amazing. 10 PM Saturday night we still had no ride to church for him and he requested to be skyped in haha. Thankfully we found him a ride. Wednesday we had a really good time with Brian. We finally braved up to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went very well. He told us that he has come to the conclusion that either Joseph Smith was one of the Smartest men in 1830's or that the Book is true haha. He's been praying a lot and said that since he wasn't sure what to look for that he asked God to make two thumps if the book was true and then heard something crash outside... But it was only one so he was confused haha. So we talked a lot on the spirit. We should also officially be meeting his wife on Wednesday so hopefully we can set a good impression so that she'll let her husband be baptized ;). After this event though everything just kinda fell through for the rest of the week :/. Pretty depressing but as Bruce R. McConkie stated the caravan moves onnnnnnnn........ However there were a few interesting moments. There are those people in your life, especially missionary life that you just avoid. In this case it's because this person is nuts and likes to call me and tell me about revelations twelve and how everything in the Book of Mormon is true besides what she thinks is racism. I'll get to the point.... I knocked a door and that very person answered the door and my stomach dropped, Bleck!!! Strange as usual so I leave from there to Friday. For the first time ever under President Anderson all district leaders were invited to the Mission Leadership Coordination meeting. I thought it would be fun and exciting, it had its moments and being taught by President was good... However I found out that for pretty much the last hour it's just zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders tossing ridiculous rules around :/. Thankfully nothing new was implemented since President Anderson has stepped away from carpet ruling (rules that should only govern a few but restrict the rest of us). It was a bit aggravating. Well Saturday we helped a member move down the street which was easy since there were literally eight items to move. It's alright though since we got water ice which is dang good stuff! Last but not least we had a fun time at church yesterday. Noticing that Miguel wasn't having the easiest time lip reading we talked with him via iPad when he then began to teach us sign language. Super simple as well as fun to do haha. If you want to see what I'm talking about go to the gospel library app and switch the language to ASL and then watch a conference talk. Trust me 😏.

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