Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Days, Return of the Companionship!, 500 Mile Week, Where Am I?

So I'm going to leave my destination on a thread for a moment and will cut it in just a moment. This email won't be long anyways since there was a lot of travel which I will explain as well in a moment :3. So Monday night we went to Brother Abad's so that I could have my last family home evening with him which was pretty adventurous. His house has always been a phenomenal mystery since he never lets anyone in but by the smell one could tell that it sure had something up with it. Well we stowed away inside at the last moment with the other Elders to find out that I really never actually wanted to go inside due to its contents :P! Not a hoarder house but I myself feel that a condemnation of the house would be less than appropriate. It was bad. We then had dinner at Bryan's along with his wife which was awesome. She was really nice this time compared to the first time that I met her and I have very good feelings that within the coming months that Bryan will be baptized :D! We also took him to the temple the next day and he enjoyed it thoroughly so I hope that things go well in the time that I'm not there. It'll work out how it should. Tuesday was literally just a bunch of goodbyes which I'll leave there since it was a pretty sad day :(. So Wednesday I get to transfers and I'll tell you the true honest feelings I've had at transfers since about my year mark. Where I go doesn't really matter but I look at all of these missionaries and I know none of them! Funny lookin, please don't pair me up with you, and other such thoughts. Well it was super exciting cause Elder Murphy was called to be my new companion woot! It was awesome! So here we are at 17 months ready to go at it! Also I didn't go to far since I am now in west Philly and the Upper Darby region (just another section of philly). I can't say to much about it yet though since I really haven't had the opportunity to be in it. Elder Murphy and I were also called to be Service Elders which means we drive a truck and at times a van and are essentially one of the back bones to the mission. Still have a proselyting area however on Tuesdays and most Friday's we will be delivering stuff, moving apartments, and oh something a little special this transfer is that we will be delivering stuff in preparation for the opening of the Priesthood Restoration sight visitors center booya! It is cool but it will be a challenge to figure out how to work everything out in terms of balance. Well to say the least the day of transfers was used to deliver all of the city missionaries their luggage and then we had a meal appointment to conclude. The next day we went into South Jersey by Atlantic City and a little place called Bridgeton before going into Bayview Maryland closing and setting up apartments for missionaries. Friday we helped set up a wedding for one of our investigators who I didn't get to officially meet until yesterday. That was fun but right as we were about to go out and find we received a call that some missionaries in Philly needed some AC units. Well that finished our day since traffic here is awful :P. So yesterday was my first full day in the area (besides church) so ya, don't know much besides Upper Darby is a melting pot of people and west Philly has a total of three white people... Including myself, my companion, and the other random bystanders traveling through by bus!

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