Monday, June 22, 2015

For the Road

Things went well this past week. I was finally able to go around our area and see what it has to offer. Truthfully honest it is ginormous! I thought my last area was one of the biggest walking areas in this mission, and is, but this place just dwarfs it 0.o! For the service Elder Gig we didn't do to much besides getting certified to drive the van. That was crazy but good, mostly just crazy in the fact that it has almost been a year since I last drove and the first thing I drive is a large 12-13 seater can woof! But I did fine and did well on the paper work so I am now certified :). Next week we will be going to almost the very tip top of the mission so maybe I'll have the opportunity to hit the last state of our five miles worth of New York ;). Also things have gotten nasty hot around here with the humidity bleck! Sweating all the time outside (tmi probably)... But it is what is and hey guess what, it's just going to get hotter from here haha. Also thanks for the tip about tide for this past year and a half, we have other missionaries come do wash with us and all of there stuff is a nasty grey |:P! I think I might buy some bleach just to help over the summer. Also with the pants if you get time would you mind fixing them? It's not an immediate problem for me since I have my other suit as well as the other pair of suit pants. I don't get Mr. Mac though. The one pair fits and the other is super tight on the waist. Though melted the contents of the package have been a delight so thank you! Though I will be honest that it hasn't taken to long for Elder Murphy and myself to go through it haha, still have some things left but you know how it is. So I'm glad that Grandma is doing better and that Emree is alright. Kinda strange that she just had a little cyst/mass like thing in her foot... Weird. I hope all goes well for Bianca too, strange how life seems to just pick times to throw down, am I right? If it's not big it's little and if it's not little it's big. So I have done terrible when it comes to cards this year :(. Just missed dad for Father's Day and I haven't gotten anyone else previous to that either. Just get so caught up that I totally forget what I need to plan for with he coming weeks ya know? I'll work on it though and I'll make sure to write dad a big email today. I hope all went well. So I got an interesting email this past week from President stating that Elder Murphy and I were put together to strengthen one another and that I shouldn't get to comfortable. It was interesting since he never really stated anything else besides from there giving me a the cookie cutter email (busy guy so I understand). Today we are going to go take a tour of one of the Free Mason temples out here.

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