Monday, June 8, 2015

As the Days Go By..., Boss Moving, Empty Week, Psychy Zone Lord

Well I'll give the news now that after eight months here it seems that I won't be breaking President Anderson's record :( of six transfers. But that's ok, if everything goes according to plan i will be back for my last transfer haha ;)! But ya I'm pretty bummed but I'll put that aside and move to the past events of this week. So with the high stress of exchanges and transfers mixed with a good ol' dose of moving we weren't able to accomplish the stellar week that I had hoped to do but things still went well. On Tuesday we went to go see John who is the less active I've told you a bit about the past two weeks. We showed up and he had a lady there helping him with the plans to move out of his sons house. She told us it should only be fifteen to twenty minutes but 45 minutes later we left him with his large print Book of Mormon and headed out to a move we needed to be at. Arriving only a little after the time that it was supposed to start we came in to find it mostly done, have pizza, and ship up the last few boxes :/. So most of our day was killed with travel time before we got home and then proceeded to have more appointments fall through till we saw Jen that night. We got a good dose of just how much Jen actually knows/desires to know when Elder Crowther made the comment that Elder Perry had died and she stated that there were no more apostles besides the twelve. Wednesday we spent most of the day moving Sister Rios up into the North East part of Philly. It took us a little while and after all that work I was so bummed when I forgot to get a picture with her! She was supposed to be at church to but no luck :(. Thursday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I've been a bit upset with them this transfer ever since we got Elder Cowley. Very good missionary but yet also a missionary who's only about the business of it all. I was with him and pretty quiet for most of the exchange. Not to mention if I even had a desire to talk to someone he was already on top of them :P. Friday we barely avoided one of my missionaries in the district going home which was a big reliever. He's been going through a ruff time but thankfully his trainer and a few other missionaries were able to bear some pretty powerful testimonies that changed his mind from getting on the plane the very next day. We would later that night go and see Mike where we had a good lesson using the new Lift Mormon message. It went well. Saturday was probably the hardest day this past week. We showed up to play football like usual but the only people there were Elder Cornelius and Foster. We waited twenty minutes with no avail so we then decided to have lunch with them. They will both be doubling out of their area so we will see if I end up with Cornelius again ;)! That would be sweet! We had nothing for the rest of the day. Sunday was a bit odd. So all the missionaries were asked to pass the sacrament. On the way up I was asked to play the organ instead which was awesome, rusty as all get out but I still played fine! After sacrament there was a strange individual by the name of Brother Perkins who wanted to teach us how to properly teach about Race and the priesthood. Well we started for about ten minutes when we found out that he wasn't authorized to teach so our mission president told us to get out of there (a missionary called and asked). And then a little bit later we got the call to listen to what he had to say. Stuff I already knew and it kept me from getting pictures with the ward members. This would also disrupt our evening plans with Mike and Dana so I was a bit upset since it was my last time for Sunday dinner ya know? President wanted us to go over what was talked about with one of his counselors so that no one had any concerns for the opinions raised by this guy. But we were still able to do dinner with them thank goodness. Well that about sums up the week. I love you all! Love, Macrae

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