Monday, June 29, 2015

All Over and Not Much to Say, Many Concerned Men, Little Twerking Nudist

Oh the joys of being a missionary and wondering why your iPads wifi doesn't work meanwhile your companions is moving along just fine. Anyways I'll kick start us off for this weekly email with the fact that we went to a lot of different places and were able to do a bit of service but not to much else happened. On Monday we had Elder Kecher from the Seventy come and give us our mission tour/Zone Conference. To say the least I wasn't to satisfied with this one compared to the others. He main message and how they presented it pretty much said that if you have a good attitude you will teach at least 25 lessons a week sorta deal which didn't make to much sense. I fully agree that it will change how you go about doing the work which will lead to improvement but I wouldn't say that it's a clear cut in stone mega improvement machine. Oh well. He also made an interesting comment about mission leadership that I'll leave to a more personal email. Well Tuesday came and we had our P-Day when all of a sudden there was whirlwind out side full of rain! I got on the weather app and we had a tornado warning woot! Nothing happened and the tornado only touched base with the ocean but it was interesting to see that warning for the first time in my life ;)! With inclement weather we made a lot of phone calls and set up appointments and member presents for the week which was great... But only two of them held haha. Bit of a rough week but all is well... I hope. Wednesday we were asked to go give a blessing at the Pennsylvania University hospital. Well we made the trek into center city to find out that there is another Penn hospital within our area so thus a long trek back to find it haha. It was worth it though and the lady needed us. She was from Atlantic City NJ and had been having some great struggles from her post cancer surgery so it was good to talk with her and her non member husband. Friday we were called in to go and begin a two step process move for a senior couple that will be moving to Montrose PA this coming PDay. We also had an interesting truth revealed to us. The mission office had received word multiple times from this senior couple that the couch they had was terrible but the moment we told them that we were going to toss it they suddenly had sentimental value for it and said the mission could really use it.... We tossed it ;). Not to mention that our storage units are packed to the brim yeck! We took a lot of stuff out of that house and we told our higher up that there wouldn't be room for it which he said there would be. Well there wasn't so we took out a lot of junk, reorganized at least 7 years of mission furniture to fit the new stuff, and am now making sure I have no spider bites :P! Elder Murphy and I had to go to the dump this morning to get rid of it all. So here we go win Saturday. We were asked to come in and help with a group called the "Concerned Black Men Assoc.". So I wasn't sure what exactly that was and I never did since I was manned at the front door but upon setting up we were also informed that a baptism had been double booked for the same time 0.o... Also being maned at the front door we received little to know info and my companion who was designated elsewhere forgot to give notice that he baptism food was being served and didn't think to deliver ack! I had only had two pieces of jelly toast that morning and with how things were scheduled I would eat until 8:30 that night :3! From that meeting we went to an investigators house with one of our members. Her name is Danielle and she is a nice lady with two kids. One is 11 and the other is three and has autism. So I've met her at church before but this was an interesting visit. She had just come from the store and practically met us at the door when we arrived. We went up the stairs to be greeted by a naked three year old being watched by grandma playing on a phone. Well grandma had to get going and required her phone which caused quite the kerfuffle! He wailed and thrashed at her all of the way to the door and proceed to stand by the door wailing for at least three full minutes when he decided to smack the door. Upon doing so he hit the door nob which opened the door and he was stunned for a moment and just stared for a moment before very slowly turning his head towards us, ever so slowly till eye contact was made with us all as we stared back. He then made a break for it as did elder Murphy and Danielle. We got him. Wrapped him up in a diaper and gave him another phone to play on. Let just say it was a really bad lesson, mostly attributed to the little nudist who after five minutes removed his girded loins and proceeded to run this way and that with the finishing touches of Twerking on Elder Murphys chair through out our plan of salvation lesson :|. So that happened. Also our meal appointment cancelled :(. Tired and unhappy with not really having much going on this week we went to give a blessing to a man in another Penn hospital. It was super rainy but it was a great way to end the night. He is a non member but has a lot of member family and from what I can tell he is looking to join the church soon since he had made sure that his family brought him his quad. His name is Richard Gundrum and he lives up in Jenkintown. The reason he was in the hospital was that he was out cycling down a long usually non busy hill when a car for whatever reason decided to pull out into the suicide lane, you can imagine the rest. Luckily he only had some broken bones and road rash but it looked like a pretty hard hit :P. We talked about Moab and Biking though which was a lot of fun. And that about sums up this past week

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