Monday, May 4, 2015

Busy Fullness, Sneaky Sneaky Missionaries, Mortal Kombat with a Heebie Jeebie, First Time for Eerything

I am literally whipped this week :P! And I'll get to why in just a moment. We had a really good week and for the first time in a month we broke the ten lesson barrier! We finally have a sustainable teaching pool and I am excited for what will be coming next. So all in all a lot of the normal things happened this week but we have a few new things on the roster. We were able to meet with a lady named Debbie.... Which happened by accident. We had met a man named Rob a week and a half ago who said it would be fine if we came by. Day rolls around we show up and though he is there he won't come out and talk with us :/. However Debbie McDonald who is a former that told me no four months ago said that since he wouldn't listen we could share a message with her. We showed her a video and got a return appointment woot! We came back on Sunday and she had forgotten that we were coming over and asked if we could reschedule. We were both sore from football the day earlier and I had no desire to walk in the hot sun so as we rescheduled a date I got her talking about the bible and who her favorite was and knowing that she had a gift for the gab we suddenly were able to stay and give a lesson >:3. Ya I'm a sneaky missionary haha. Bryan is doing well. We read with him a bit, he's already at 2 Nephi and loves the book thus far! Our second visit not wanting to always be in the same reading routine we watched the Joseph Smith video which he loved and could relate to. We will hopefully be able to set him with a date soon ;). He invited us to the Paccio (probably slaughter that one) and Mayweather fight which we had to decline... I was disappointed by the results though :/, to many politics. So football was a blast (Saturday)! Caught a game winning touch down, afterwards we were having huge success in finding people and it was just great. When suddenly a car drove by asking if we were JDubs. I yelled what? As it turned the corner and just stood there. Suddenly it backed up and a guy with a girl in his car waved us over. He wasn't a Hebrew Israelite (black people who believe in black Jesus.... They wear funny space vests and carry swords so they can slaughter the devilish white man when Christ comes again) but was like into it. For the first time in a year I almost blew up on someone in a bash. I won doctrinally but on the other end he got my goat good and I was flustered so much I had no idea what to do >.<. Before I close this is one funny thing from it. Revelations states that Christs hair was white like wool, who's hair looks more like wool? He said. I stated that it didn't state that it was wool but that it was white like it. Suddenly the girlfriend states wool is a texture not a color.... (Rolls Eyes) do we need to go back to first grade and learn English :3? Yesterday Brianna was confirmed woot! For my first time ever and on the mission I was asked to do that for one of my converts and it was super exciting! The spirit was super strong and I really feel that her mom Meloney will be baptized pretty soon here! We then will move to her brother haha! So we taught a total of 12 lessons and we now have three new investigators woot! Things are picking up here again and I'm super psyched! Also a guy is rolling weed right next to me but other that things are sweet! Love y'all!

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