Monday, May 25, 2015

Fence Sitting, Dwopped, Silent Investigation, Rare Participation

So I have a question to start this email off... What do you call a dog that has no legs? ........ It doesn't matter cause he won't come when you call him anyways! Ya some lame humor but what a great way to start off an email am I right? Anyways down to business. This past week we were kept pretty busy once again, especially at the beginning of the week. We almost averaged two each day of the week with some more and others less. Last Monday I received a call from a Less Active the sisters visit within our area, who was in a lot of hysteria and emotional turmoil. Her name is Sister Anton. The Sisters haven't seen her in a month so we went up and had a lesson and a blessing with her. The sisters hadn't kept very good records on her keeping commitments so I had no idea why they weren't seeing her, until a little later on in the week. They had good reason but Elder Crowther and I will now be taking a shot. Tuesday we had an interesting lesson with Brian. Usually things are very warm and filled with conversation but his one there were long gaps of silence as we helped get some things set up at his home. He had left his phone in the car when he came to church and his wife called him multiple times after the first hour thinking that we had kidnapped him, haha. I feel though that this was probably the largest reason why things were so awkward since his wife isn't the most friendly towards us. We ended with a really good lesson on faith though and I hope to make amends this coming visit. Wednesday I was on Exchanges with Elder Bevans. We ere mostly on the run for the whole exchange however we ended up dropping the Layton/Brown family while together. It's hard to go for so long with not much success but I do hope that this drop helps them come back. Later on that night Elder Bevans and I were going to a lesson with a guy named Joey, who Elder Crowther and I had found the week previous. He had stopped his car and had us come around the corner so we could talk with him then and we had some good conversations. However this trip turned for the worse. On our way there he was driving and had forgotten about our visit (which we had rescheduled fifteen minutes prior...). Had us jump in and drove us down to a park where some of his buddies and sisters were all the while joking that he had weed in his trunk.... Which ended up being true since he started selling it when we got down there :/. We quickly learned that he believes in all the crap that the Internet and TV shows have to say from "intense" bible study such as the Nephaliem (don't ask). Let's just say that we will never go back :). Friday we had an awesome experience. We received an investigator from one of the New York missions named Miguel. Well even more interesting is the fact that Miguel is deaf so our entire lesson was via iPad since I only know how to sign the alphabet... Which I learned works just fine yesterday haha. But it was amazing! The missionaries in New York got him off of weed, smoking, and drinking and he asked if he could be cleaned in water. We responded "You want to be baptized?" He gave us a puzzled look so we showed him a picture and he began to nod profusely! He asked twice more that lesson the same question so we set him for the 19 of July since he will be gone some time :D! It was amazing. We just need to convert someone who speaks sign so that we can keep him active in our church :). I would love to but more than likely I will be leaving this transfer :(. Last up in news is our dinner at Mike and Dana's last night. Usually I just brush over this but last night was a bit special. We asked Dana if we could do another practice lesson and she said yes. We did the plan of salvation and for the first time Dana participated super well and was actually interested in what we had to say. I'm not saying we should fill the font yet since the water will go cold but we had a great lesson non the less :).

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