Monday, May 11, 2015

Double Interest or Interesting?, Mission Philadelphia... Uncensored Addition, Captain Squirrel suicide

So by the title I place Wendy five cents that you know at least one third of what will be coming up within this letter. Some weeks there really isn't to much to say and others I feel like my letters home should have an intro scene that resembles that of the Brady Bunch intermingled with Fear Factor if anyone has ever seen those... Oh the tune to Little House on the Prairie would be its theme song as well. Anyways to get right to it we picked up two new investigators this past week which are both a bit interesting. Donny is the Nephew to Bryan who is one of our super investigators. He suffered from a car crash that put him in a coma years ago and his head really hasn't been the same since. Very dominating in conversation. Almost as if we aren't even there. But he really is a good guy and wants to help out his family... He just wants to do it through being a one hit wonder though. We saw him twice this past week. Our second visit we watched the restoration twice since he kept distracting himself with diverse topics :/. The other one is Giovani. I don't know to much about him besides he wants to turn his life around for the better and that we don't know if it's a hearing or English problem since he doesn't always understand what we are talking about. Knocking on his door was ridiculous though. A woman answered and we asked for him and she stated that no one by that name lived there and that she needed to get back to taking care of a baby. Suddenly he shows up in the background and says come in! They had a disagreement but her crisscross lie was done for :3. We had that happen twice this week. We walked up to a door and a guy exiting said yes he is here and took off, get up to the porch and another guy says he doesn't live here. Meanwhile first guy comes back and says what are you talking about!? He was there but was asleep. Anyways we would have had three new, however it's bitter sweet that this man didn't become an investigator. His name is Zeus and he is a former investigator of two years or so. He welcomes us in and he is only wearing under armor bottoms since he has been working out in his basement. He shows us his house which was nice and he makes a side note that when he's alone he likes to pray just how we came into this world... In the nude. Little strange note but we continue and hen have a lesson with him. We finish up and ask for a prayer and he says yes but asks if he can do it his way... Without anything on... Stunned I kinda sat there not knowing what to do... Then my companion gave a very unconfident sure as we knelt down.... Yeck!!!!!! Strange things in the city 24/7! Anyways I'll move away from that note and report about a certain squirrel we came across. There was this Catholic Church (big surprise) and at an inward corner there was a drainpipe with a squirrel behind it who can't decide if he is going to rock climb this brick wall or not. Well he finally goes for it and shoots up 20 feet to the top of the church Mar-key. We watched as his tail sifted about on the top of this and finding nothing decides to come down. Misses his footing and falls the twenty feet head first... Lands and just looks stunned oh we thought he was dead when he suddenly just shot away. I about fell out laughing! I almost videos the whole thing to but when I brought out my camera the battery died >.

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