Monday, April 27, 2015

Session 1 Complete, Preemptive Threats, Hero's Anonymous, Betrayal?, Ghosting

So the topics of this past week are various and scattered... As usual. Anyway let us begin with the first step of information. I will be participating in my sixth transfer here in Independence East! Woot! If anyone knows my mission as well as my own personal tract record this is very rare amongst missionaries to go past four and even rarer to go six. Past that I don't believe anyone has gone seven under this mission president. I plan on asking my mission president if I should start packing my bags this coming interview :3. My Golden completed his first transfer and here we go for the second. So our investigator Brian who before this week we had seen twice is doing super well. We were able to meet with him twice this week and he is progressing super well! Our only problem is that his wife from visit three to four (only a day later) has threatened that if he joins she will divorce him :/. That doesn't make any sense seeming how he's not even a catholic himself... We got some warming up to do with her I guess. From then on most of our visits have been pretty well the usual routine, however on Wednesday night we were able to find Brandon Stevenson one of our recent converts for the first time in a month and a half. His fro was grown out along with a new mustache and though it was a happy reunion it was forced short for some reason. Told me he was moving that Saturday, gave me a tie and sent us on our way. Wasn't there Saturday and hasn't answered a text since :/. Note to self never ask your comp about super heroes when he knows a lot about them. From then on it will become the main topic of discussion with both yourself and most less actives and then from there you will be in a comic shop most of your p-day... Well the shop was actually really cool but there's not much you can do in there besides pick up merchandise since your a missionary. Saturday we had a service project planned with a potential in the sisters area as well as bring some new members into the area. Since the other elders had some lessons planned they asked if we could go on a mind exchange so that both sets could be there to introduce the new members to the ward. Well what was supposed to be two hours turned into the full day with us never reaching the members haha. Last night after church we got a lot of work done. A guy we were looking for ended up finding us which was really cool. We talked to a lot of people and then when we dropped by a media referral we had an interesting experience we showed up and found two other people in the house. One of them had already investigated and would like to pick up again, but mostly the entire visit was us just kinda sitting there as they had their own inside discussion and jokes... Meanwhile I watched a rat go in out of the kitchen so ya. Good night :3.

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