Monday, May 18, 2015

Chess Mess, Operation Layton/Brown Drop, Horn Dogs and Rare Finds

It is a most wonderful thing when one of the members of your district has a key board for the ipad and for whatever reason doesn't feel like using it so it then proceeds to fall in to your lap. Hopefully that means that I will be able to accomplish more today without any thumb problems :3. Anyways I will get into our week before I bore you with nonsense. So we were able to see Brianna on Monday for the first time in about two weeks. She loved the temple and we had a very good discussion on the plan of salvation where I drew out the entire plan on paper which I would love to share a picture of with you... However I'm afraid that it is now lost in their house :/. So continuing on to Tuesday we had a pretty good day of finding within the hot air (humidity is awful). We found a lady in our area book by the name of Destiny D.. She new members about a year ago and then the missionaries dropped by once and from then on for a whole year no one has contacted her! What the heck! Oh well she is ours now and she is pretty dang solid! I look forward to seeing her again. Just a little bit before that we were doing stop by's when we came across a bunch of guys smoking weed and playing chess. I had the feeling to do some beat to teach but we continued onward. However I couldn't ignore it so we went back. Well long story short everyone had lost to this one main guy and wanted me to play but the main winner wouldn't allow for it. So I gave em' our card and told them that when he wanted to play me to give me a call (wish I had said when he wanted to lose ;3). Later on in the week I actually found another group but I lost pretty bad since it was speed chess and I had never done that before :/. There aren't to many other new things from the normal this past week. I've just about had it with the one family though. I've almost had them reactivated twice in my time here but for the past couple of months they have done less and less to the point of nothing. So we will be having a possible drop lesson the next time that we come by. Oh well thats how it goes I guess. On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Philogene (the Hatian Missionary) in his area. I wanted to see how he was doing since he is still a Golden and their area is struggling pretty badly. Well the first appointment we showed up for we were a little bit late do to bus times and when we got there he answered the door and yelled at us for not being able to tell time and went back in. Let me make a side not real quick here. Elder Philogene is learning English on the fly as we go about our here in the mission. So at the moment he has memorized phrases so that he can do missionary work. Well lets just say that he has a tendency to continue down his phrases no matter what happens... Which is what happened at this door. Still finished strong though ;). We then had a guy call us over to his porch to tell Elder Philogene that according to the book of mormon he couldn't go to heaven. Well there it went again but this time we had a good discussion however is buddy was the largest stereotypical man I had ever met in my life. As you see in the title of this email it comes to being the only description of this man. I literally watched him yell at a passing woman and then proceed to chase her down the block. Lucky for her he is fat and out of shape so all is well. Well I'm sorry if this email is a little bit of a bore. We were pretty busy this past week but not to much new to report on. The Humidity has really picked up out here and it is nasty yuck! Well I love you and wish you the best!

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