Monday, April 6, 2015

Baptism(s) in Sights, Outback with Gimmpy, The Interview, Meetings Gone Wild

We be off with our adventures this week. First off I would like everyone to know that I'm tired and quite ready for a nap but by my prediction that won't be available until I leave his area... Still tired ;). So our adventures start off with Family Home Evening with Brother Abad... And now for Tuesday's events. So for our third and definitely final time we went and saw Bill in the morning. We knocked on the door to no answer but when we turned the corner there he was coming home from a corner store bar drunk as usual with two cans of beer in hand. We try to do a lesson but as usual our efforts were in vain due to his lack of sobriety. However before we finished the kinda lesson he try's to stand up saying that he needs to relieve himself. We were teaching him out on the porch when he lurps into and through his house. Well there's a step right before the kitchen which he trips over and plummets to the floor. "Arrrrrrrrrrrrg!!!!!" -Close Quote-. And he just slumps there and mumbles something before going silent. We asked if he was alright, with no response. As we waited, a guy passed by and asked if he was alright? We said he was drunk and the guy told us, "oh ya he's dead alright", before walking off. Not sure what to do, I suddenly realized that a certain puddle had protruded from the ground when suddenly Bill got up and lurped back to us..... Oh dear.... That was gross. We left after that :P. Later that night, however was much more successful. We had a lesson with Brianna that night, with the Thuesons, like usual and it went super well. She asked if she could reset her date for a week later since she wanted to learn more which I'm fine with but at the end I had a feeling that I should ask her mom to more fully participate as an investigator. But yet on the same end she already was which confused me :/. So in the least rude way I knew at that time I invited her to be baptized on the same day as Brianna haha. She said she wanted to learn more to before she went that far haha, so I gave her a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. Wednesday we had a very long but yet also very good trip down to the Temple with Mike. It took so long due to his broken foot but I was really glad that we were able to take him down with us, it was something he really needed in his depressed state. We first had a lesson on the backside of the temple where we saw that the detailing is farther up than in the front (the granite) and a few of the windows aren't covered by wood. Super gorgeous! Brother Carr then came and found us after his lunch and took us to the trailer where he did his shpeal and gave Mike a temple rock. They are pretty hard to come by now and though I have one I wanna see if I can get y'all one ;). The temple is going to be beautiful and I can't wait to come back out and see it in August or September of next year :P. So let's see. My Golden and I are also on a bit of a war March to take back what is ours! A certain Elder tried to take part of my area last transfer without me knowing saying that they lived closer and that we never worked there. Well, we went down to Temple campus (college) and we went street contacting. Well college students still scare me but while we were down there we were able to meet Tim! Recent convert from Washington State but originally from Hong Kong who wants to come back to church. Excitement! We worked there the next day as well. My companion placed five cards in one shot while I picked up a batman sticker! Thursday we began our long road of meetings. And though not as thrilling as girls gone wild it was at least educational... I gave my worst district meeting yet and of course one of the zone leaders just so happened to sit in on this one :/. However it was something I needed since it gave me the opportunity to know what I could improve upon and stay away from. Friday we had a super good Zone Conference, though we got out late. We watched an MTC only talk by President Uchtdorf which was amazing! I will have to find the stories he shared so that I can send them to you and give greater detail. Afterwards we went and gained a new investigator through media referral and the "He Lives" video before we went to see Jen. It was the second most quite time at that house which was scary since there's been so much drama lately. We had a really good lesson on Gods will. Then unfortunately, a friend came by at the end and it all kinda went capoot from there :/. General Conference was really good. I would have to say that my favorite talks were givin by Elder Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Wilford Wilson. Y'all notice the big emphasis on family and marriage :3? Well that about sums up the week,

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