Monday, April 20, 2015

His First Bash, Prep and Dunk, Eye Witness Car Wreck, Yet Another Drunk Happenstance

So I don't have to much this week but it was a good week non the less. So first up in news is that a certain investigator we picked up about a month ago went MIA right after we found him. In our attempts to get back in touch the past month we succeeded... Just to find that he would take 45 minutes to bash with us! My Train-E Elder Crowther was of no use either since he felt it his obligation to fall asleep seven minutes into the discussion :/... !. But it's alright the moment of anger was fizzled out with our excitement to go and teach our investigator Brianna. She was set up for this past Sunday to be baptized but we still had to teach the last half of lesson four and all of lesson five woof! However we were able to do it all within her last lesson before being interviewed and she was Baptized! Woot woot! She was super excited before hand but a bit worried that the water would be to cold haha. She screamed for joy after being dunked! Her Mom loved it and for the first time her brother came to church and her baptism and loved it as well. We have some big hopes for Meloney and if she is baptized that would be sweet! If the family comes in together they will be able to support each other ya know :D! Still without a computer so pictures are still troublesome to send and I'm sorry about that. I will get them to ya as soon as possible though when the opportunity arrives. That was the biggest highlight for this week. Much past that right after the baptism was just weird. We got home in time to have to leave for the Thuesons who live in East Falls. As we were waiting for a bus to take us to their place as I starred off into the unbeknown to suddenly be viciously interrupted as a car collided into another Boom! It was freaky but yet slightly funny. The guy who got hit gets out of his car and just paces back and forth like gosh dang it! To then see he has buddies on the corner and just goes and talks to them and has a good ol' time waiting for the police. Meanwhile the girl who had hit him was just hysterical and on the phone. Surprisingly the guys car was pretty well unharmed but for the girl she's going to need a new one. Completely destroyed her front left end and deployed air bags yeesh. We had dinner and on our way back to Mike and Danna's I had an unfortunate of unfortunates :/. This guy comes up singing, drunk as can be and asks if it sounds as good as he thinks it does. I said sure when he then stated he was gay and was looking to do immoral things.... XP. Well another day in philly I guess.... We went to danna's and had a blast. Dinner as usual but we had more of a family home evening and played a board game called "Betrayal at the House on the Hill". So much fun and I totally recommend that y'all get it :D. Well I love y'all!

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