Monday, March 2, 2015

Week Weird, Family History Buff, Where'd These Potatoes Come From?, Stupid Mid Terms

So with the meetings and Pday extension last week everything was thrown outa wack and then on top of it all our Ward has to be one of those student based wards with a low local yocol population.... We make plans just to do something else :/. But there are a few things that I can report to home base so I shall. Wednesday to Thursday I was on exchange with my Canadian district leader Elder Bevans in my area. We were first going to run a table down on temple campus but after a half hour saw no sign of a table being delivered to us so we called and found out that There was a miscommunication on which temple we were supposed to be at haha. So that was cancelled, the exchange started late and next thing Ya know we are at Mike's and watching Mountain of the Lord. We were supposed to go to the Wasco's for the first time in two months that day but since we were unable to find a male we cancelled and then spent another hour at Mikes doing family history since Elder Bevans is pretty dang good at doing that sorta stuff. Went to see our Ward Mission Leader like every Wednesday and when we got their we found out that it was supposed to be cancelled but since Elder Bevans and I showed up we got free banana chocolate chip cookies anyways. Then went to Dana's store and did more family history :P. Thursday nothing went to plan. I bought the district donuts just for the sister to not show up and two others to buy themselves donuts so that failed :/ and then Friday I started off fine but by comp study my stomach couldn't decide whether or not it liked me :(. Try to be so good to it and it repaied me with nothing praiseworthy or of good report, tsk tsk. I went out and worked as much as I could but by the time our meal appointment was rolling around we called the other elders to go on splits while the other one went home with me. When they got back we spoke and laughed a while before I felt so miserable I asked for a blessing. Directly after the last words of the blessing I went to the bathroom and threw up a lot which confused me? I had only two pieces of toast that day but somehow there was much more including that which resembled potatoes... Now that you have that visual I leave with the fact that my stomach hasn't felt the same since. Still mostly sick Saturday but we did what we could and worked and then we come to Sunday. Nothing went to plan again but that's alright. The spanish elders handed a guy off to us who's name is Nick. He is from Hungary and is 84 years old and is obviously in pretty big need of a home help assistant. We were there for about an hour as he just told us stories of his life before we left him with our number and a pamphlet. I'm not to sure what to do with him since we can't tell his interest level and he's pretty adamant about helping himself with everything in the house. He definitely needs help though so we will see what we can do. And to finish our week we went to Danas as usual for dinner but this time around we also had the other elders with us so that they could do family history. And that's a wrap up love Ya!

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