Monday, March 23, 2015

Initiation Preperation, It's a Boy!, District Overlord, Strange Happenstances

Well this past week was quite strange since it actually started Wednesday afternoon but there were a few details before that which I will make a mention of here and now. So Monday night we went and saw Brandon. Being in a trio really crowded up his two room apartment (the other room being a kitchen) and gave the good man a blessing. He had some huge tests this past week and wanted the extra heavenly assistance which I think we can all agree to be a worthy request. Later that night when we had come home Elder Cornelius's bags were still sitting here waiting to be taken which was really weird since transfers were the next day and no one seemed to have felt that he needed those in his new area I guess. But all ended well when I received a phone call that they were going to do it tomorrow since Elder Cornelius was going to be staying within the city :3! I told Cornelius and left it up to him whether I gave him the info or not.... He couldn't resist so he had a bit of a head start on where he was going. The next day being transfers was slightly confusing. It was probably the smallest transfer meeting that I have ever experienced and then they forgot to announce my name :/. I went and told pres what! You forgot me haha!? So in the middle of announcing another zone they brought me forth and announced me with a golden! I was slightly disappointed though. Usually past companions and friends come out to get a picture with you since you don't have a comp to do it with but none came out :(. All the lonely people....) Anyways after transfer meeting the trainers had to stay for an extra four hours of Preparatory Training and lunch. It was nuts, they also showed us a video that only trainers get to see of a missionary training his golden. It was supposed to be real but I feel that with a lot of these videos a lot of it is toned up to max capacity cause I've never seen anything in resemblance. I was so excited though for the rest of the day. Elder Lundberg one of my past zone leaders was getting a golden to0, so he got to come with me to my area for the day :D. Not to much happened that day. This was his third time training so I was trying to get the best pointers that I could, but from my study's, the main answer I've gotten back from everyone is love your golden and also to let him fail. I can concur that these principles are correct. Wednesday we had to be back to Broomall to get our Golden's who had come in the night before. There were only five English speaking ones and the rest were Spanish elders since we are at a bit of a low here on those. My goldens name is Elder Crowther and he is from Layton Utah. Says that he knows the Sweetens too. No idea. Anyways, he is a good kid but very interesting as well... I'll explain later :P. So we got our Goldens and from there we had another four hours of training and I was somewhat happy for this experience since I never had it when I was a golden do to the fact that our plane was delayed... However now that I think about it skipping the extra training was fine by me ;). His first lesson was with Mike and there we had a pretty good lesson discussing a chapter from the Book of Mormon. Had correlation that night and got to know my comp. he is the youngest of 9 falling thirteen years behind the one before him 0.o. Loves listening to music, sports, chick flicks-in touch with feminine side...., and his diet consists of sugar and meat :/.... But he's also very energetic which is something I've been needing to push me forward in the work so it's alright, just have to direct it now. Thursday I had my first meeting as the district leader. It went good which surprised me since I had been only given one night to prepare for it. Teaching people, not lessons was the topic and thank goodness for discussion cause we would have ended early haha. I am over Elder Bevans and his new Golden as well as Sister Jolley and her new companion who speaks Spanish which is weird :P. They have to go to the Spanish ward as well as the English yuck... Also since Sister Jolley plays the piano they kicked me from my organ position :(. We had the Layton Browns twice this week... Nothing thrilling. Same goes for Michael since he is now back on the fence of a mission. Now Saturday was pretty cool. Since I was a bit behind on training Elder Crowther, we didn't go to football. We were supposed to do some service at Mike as well but he got called into work so we were left with an hour and a half gap of nothing. So we went with tracting a street Elder Crowther had a thought to go do. It was really cool since for the first time we were invited back by two people! And had a really good conversation with a third! That's a first for me on the mission :O! Tanya was the first door and a guy named Vince on the second. We will see how Vince turns out since when we went to see Tanya yesterday a guy who I suspect to be her husband was outside working on a car and when we knocked the door he was like Hey! What do you want, we already have a church. I explained that Tanya had asked for a bible study and so that's what we were there to do (and hopefully more). He said they were fine... I plan to go back and knock the door to find out her opinion... Respectfully. We then went to a house I've been kinda dreading for a long time now :P. I've only made mention of him throughout the months but there's this drunk guy who always yells Smith! When he sees us and then he somehow remembers me and just asks why I haven't come to see him yet. Not once but twice this past week we saw him and reluctantly went :P. Not once have I seen this guy sober. His row home consisted of a couch and tv with a bunch of VHS's. The other rooms empty. Sippin a beer he said come back when he wasn't drunk... Then said never mind get over here. This lesson consisted of me having one of those rare moments of just wanting to deck someone. I'd tell him something and he would say that's wrong. Crowther would say the same thing but slightly differently and he would say yes. Mean while I'm just hoping that we don't get bed bugs and that the beer he keeps sloshing doesn't spill on me >.<. Bleck! We saw the Layton Browns after that. The only reason I report this again is that afterwards on our way home there was a bunch of kids on bikes sitting at a corner when a kid with a trike like bike (it had a carrier with a cooler strapped to it refurbished into a speaker) flipped on some tunes at full blast and lead them all the way up a one way street in the wrong direction... Most Hood thing Ever!!!! We had lesson with Brianna right after that. Doing super sweet as usual and we are getting pretty excited since her mom sat in again for a full lesson and liked what we had to say so upon next visit we will ask her to participate more fully! Can't wait to get this done ya know? Last but not least we had Jen as our last lesson. Crazy! But that's nothing new. I'm a bit worried with my comps casualness around there. We had a lesson that we gave but at the end Jen got all depressed about her dad and I proceeded to give another lesson on the will of God. It was good. What we really need is to create a spiritual environment but at her house I'm not to sure how we are going to do that ya know? It's really what we actually need to do. And now for yesterday. We had a sweet lesson with Stephanie. She is doing a lot better since she's had a few weeks to recover from surgery. Good as usual. And then we had Mike and Dana's like usual. They got a new dog to go with the two already present... It's a Labrador mastiff so it's this huge fat headed dog that's super energetic! Goodness that's one full house!

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