Monday, March 16, 2015

Pure as Gold, Wet Dogs, Gangsta Kryptonite, Double Tap and Going Gone

Here we sit at the beginning of a new transfer waiting for the news of a long lost fellow, lost in Philadelphia... And that's how it will stay. I'll get to that in a moment but on the other hand how is everyone doing today? Sun is shining here and the weather is nice and cool and every other day a down pore of soaking rain. So this past week the first and foremost part of business would be Brianna. We went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Brother Thueson and for the first time since she has met missionaries her mom sat in on it which was really cool. Don't know if her mom really wants to investigate but it is a start. We are looking at the 12th of April for this baptism which will be sweet :D! On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Meline who is one of the zone leaders here and it went really well. He served with Elder Litton as well so we both had ridiculous stories to tell. That day was bizarre though, since it rained almost the entire day. I think we had about just an hour of sunshine before it rained again and during that time a lady called us over and asked if we had boyfriends which was really awkward. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and that we believed families can be forever which she said was weird but she wants to meet with us again... I'm a bit wary but we shall see haha. My side bag also broke so I was awkwardly carrying it like a suitcase all day :/. We were able to talk to a lot of people that day though and later that day we were able to see Brandon. The lesson we had planned he had already received from the other elders... So Meline pulled out the King Follet sermon which I had heard about but never read. It was sweet! And then on the way home we just got soaked! Wednesday was uneventful, we kinda taught the Layton Browns.... Ya skipping to Thursday. We followed up with Mike on Seventeen Miracles and he loved it. We read with him and found out some more good things to do with Dana so we will see what we can do. We then had two meal appointments that night one in our area with Sister Rios and the other with Sister Wasco. Sister Rios is just a couple blocks from us while Sister Wasco is in East Falls a good 7 miles at the least from our house... Plus they were back to back. Sister Rios had just had a surgery done and was hurting pretty badly so we got to give another blessing, which I love to do :). Haven't done one in a long while so it was all good. Sister Wasco's, we showed up a bit late for but we did make it. It was just her that night along with Brother Diehl who we brought with us. I really miss seeing that family weekly but I was glad for the time that we had with them. Here when missionaries are going to die (finished his mission), the week before doing so they are taken to the temple on Friday. So since Sutton is dying we received his companion that night, Elder Bevans, who is our district leader here if ya remember. Friday night we received the transfer calls... We were told that we were both staying which was a huge relief! For that moment at least (to be continued). Saturday Morning we had a ward activity of Pancakes as well as Meet the Mormons. The Pancakes were super good but we decided not to stay for the movie since no investigators showed up as well as the fact that no one tested the equipment so it went from being on the projector, to the tv, and then just a little 14" Mac screen :/. It was very cloudy that day and it rained off and on. As we were trying to come and knock on a less actives door there was a big group of black guys and a Hispanic outside talking smack to each other. As we got closer one of them came up to me and was like show me your badge officer and the whole group just started laughing (guess he's the funnies of the heard). Well they didn't expect us to knock on the door right next to them so they started going "Oh my gosh it's really the fuzz!" In loud whispers. We waited a second and one of the guys said that he had seen them leave. So as we were leaving they began their smack again so I offered one a card and he just jumped back like whoa no! Meanwhile the Hispanic comes from behind and says dude that's Jesus you can't deny that! And so he got the card haha. Woulda thought it was Kryptonite :3! Then came Sunday...... Between sacrament and Sunday school we were told that we needed to call the assistants. We found out that there was a change and that Elder Cornelius was actually going to be leaving :(! So bummed! I also learned there that I will be district leader for this coming transfer so this is going to be very interesting. Played organ and then went home so that Elder Cornelius could pack. We then got a call from Sutton asking if they could come to Mike and Danas for dinner. Gave them her number since it wasn't our place along with the fact that Elder Seeley and Milligan were coming over as well. They got permission and so ensued dinner at Danas with six elders haha. Man so happy and depressed all at the same time! Seeley and Sutton I've served around for four transfers and now they are going home :(. We had a good time though. Oh at about ten last night I found out that I will also be training this transfer 0.o. So first time district leader as well as now training! Oh goodness that's a lot of new big things all at once woof! Anyways we are with Bevans again since his companion is going home tomorrow. He's training to but only Cornelius knows that I am and I hope to keep it that way till tomorrow. This most likely means that I will be here till June!

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