Monday, March 9, 2015

No Swearing Club, The Last of Sutton and Kidnapped by a Tongan

So this past week we had a lot of repeats in terms of lessons but it had its moments non-the less so though short I shall relay them to you. So we saw Jen three times this past week. Our first lesson was good but it was pretty weird at the same time. We weren't in sync and rather than talking about temples like we had planned Cornelius showed the Tyler Haus video or what not since Jenn had questions about what drove us to be missionaries. It worked. The second one Jenn was just in drama mode so I skip to her Saturday lesson. She's been falling back into her swearing routine so we with our attempts to get her to live the Mormon life style showed the no swearing club video. Whether or not it had much affect Jenn said that she did want to swear less so I'm trying to think of where I can get a little declaration thingy for her to sign and hang up to remind her to quit swearing. On Wednesday I was on exchanges with Sutton in his area. It was a really good exchange by I'm really sad since it will be my last one with him since he goes home next week. Our first lesson was with a lady named Daishon and we had it down at the Philly temple sight. The lesson was really good since we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. However after the lesson she has this really strange hippy fiancé that lives down in Florida who we kinda slightly bashed with ( I say that cause he was talking to Daishon over the phone) who had this strange fetish for why we didn't believe in Christs teachings of being vegetarian? It was the most ridiculous resolving of concerns (fancy phrase for bashing) that I have ever been through. Sights a few scriptures like they always do, says this is what the Greek translation was supposed to actually say (rolls eyes), and then forgets the rest. You know the usual. So the lesson took an hour and the resolving of concern lasted an hour... She would be baptized in two weeks I swear if she didn't have to deal with him. She is super cool. Well enough with bashing and onward with that day. We then had a lesson with a less active who just moved in. We had Brother Moala with us ( big Tongan who used to serve in this mission). And that went well. We were on our way to the next lesson when he got a call from brother Rennie asking for a ride since he had locked himself outa the house and needed keys. It was raining and Moala was worried that Rennie would get sick so he had us reschedule wih our next lesson and said he would drop us off at Lehigh Ave. Well next thing ya know we are in East Falls at Brother Rennies house who was there safe and sound :/. First time being there since they only love the Sisters but at the same time we were wondering what the heck haha. Then Moala had us take the bus home 😒. So there went some time. Not to much else happened that day besides talking about stories of yore since we've been in the same district for four transfers together. It was good, depressing, and fun all at the same time. On Saturday Mike somehow manages to hurt his foot really badly so we went over and gave him a blessing. It was super swollen and turning black and blue on Sunday which was gross. We were getting ready to leave when I kept having a nagging feeling that we should go over the restoration with a woman named Susan who lives at their place. So we didn't let it go and proceeded to watch it with her since she didn't really have a good understanding of how our church came to be. She loved it so I hope that means that we can move from there to teach her more officially. Sunday was cool since right after church we were able to have a lesson with a girl named Brianna. I might have made mention of her three weeks ago I don't remember since we haven't been able to get back into her house since but she is really awesome. She is twelve years old and her Grandmother is a member and apart of our ward which is how she was introduced to it. She loves the bible and loves the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized! She's already been taught the first three lessons but since it has been a few months we reviewed the restoration. It went well and we had five members present which was really weird but cool at the same time. Two of them were young woman her age so I'll take that any day. Get the youth with the youth and they are hooked! We tried to set a baptismal date but those there and my comp had a bit of a disagreement as to holding it on Easter or not :/. I know it's General Conference but it's Easter come on! Who wouldn't want their baptismal date on Christ's Birthday and resurrection day haha? We shall see I guess. We then had a lesson with Stephanie. That morning on her way to church during interchange someone stole her pass and all those around her didn't do a thing about it so that's super frustrating. She said it's nice to be asked if your alright but when it's obvious that someone can be stopped wouldn't ya stop them? She was pretty frustrated but we read with her, drank her amazing hot chocolate and then left her with a Book of Mormon to give her son who is Daisha's husband. Going for the whole family ;). And that about wraps up the week I think. Dinner at the Fraziers and then we went to dinner with Mike and Dana which was very bloating since we had fried chicken at the first and super duty burgers at the next :P. Somehow I've lost weight too? Doesn't make any sense.

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