Monday, March 30, 2015

FHE, Two New, Insubordination Bantering, Pizza Trucks?

So may I first start off with a preemptive obituary for my said Golden and Companion.... We went shopping today and since his money has been moved to my card for the time being we made one purchase. Let's just cut to the chase and only mention that his purchase included several cookies, microwave hamburgers, and other said junk items :/. He has obtained a new nickname "Goito" from yesterday which I will explain at a later time in this letter. So I'm glad to hear that y'all had a good week this past week however I will mention my jealousy of y'all being able to go to the grandparents houses ;). However, as I sat and thought earlier this week just how quick things are coming at me and I need to get stuff done here before I can't! So last week we played basketball with the ap's which was a lot of fun since Toilolo left back in November and Watt replaced him they stopped coming to all of the fun activities where we actually got to know them. Though my basketball skills are terrible I am happy to report four wins out of five games with me shooting a three while one of the missionaries taunted me rather than guarding me haha. After that we went to Brother Abad's for FHE which hasn't happened for a very long time. He had forgotten but we got the one legged man out onto the stoop with our good friend Brother Lott and had a good time as well as a lesson. Brother Abad is one of those types where the moon could be falling on top of him and he would still have a joke or two to go down with so he told us a story about a certain member in our congregation who though it funny to send him a job application for IHOP, haha. Tuesday morning we were with Mike most of the morning. He's been going through a lot of depression with his broken foot and not being able to really go and do anything because of it. We had brought the prep booklets for the temple for him so that we can make that a future goal for him. It was a super good lesson and it was definitely what he needed at that time. We have also been doing a lot of tracting which I'll talk about in the coming paragraph. So that door that we had knocked two weeks before and found a man named Vince. Well we had set up to see him on Wednesday and when we went by and knocked we got nothing which was super disappointing! But while I was writing a sorry we missed you card, Elder Crowther saw him coming from the train station near by so we waited for him. Said he was sorry and had forgotten and since he had an insurance lady coming he wanted to reschedule. Well as we were figuring a time out he asked us about some of our beliefs and thus we had a lesson about the restoration of the gospel and a few "other" categories. Get people talking and nothing else matters. We are seeing him again this Wednesday. Also he's an ex Jehovahs Witness so this will be interesting ;). Just forgot but we also went and helped with the unlitter us program cleaning up the streets of Philly earlier that morning. District meeting on Thursday went surprisingly well. It was on the topic of finding new people which I haven't had the most experience with and really didn't have much of a lesson until the morning of. You gotta really hand it to the big guy upstairs for things like is, but I do worry that his back hurts from time to time carrying this team :3. Thursday then proceeded to become one of those days where nothing seemed to hold and no one really wanted to talk to you. However while we were out walking and searching we came across the zone leaders with Ray Gant doing more service with the unlitter us campaign so not having to much to do we helped them in our proselyting clothes! It was good but it was within the second worst part of our area, so I picked up a lot of needles that day ):P! Later that night we went and stopped by a referral that we had received requesting a bible. It was located in the worst part of our area and it was getting dark! On our way into the area there were six cop cars at a right aid having already arrested a guy so that was a warm welcoming. The mans name was Andy and when we knocked someone opened he blinds and then shut them. Just making sure we didn't have the wrong house we knocked the neighbors door and he said yes they do so we went and knocked it again when Andy answered. Super cool guy, his wife had thought we were Jehovahs Witnesses and thus didn't open the door. Had a mini restoration lesson, already believes in the God Head but he has some interesting beliefs in Mary so we shall see. Wanted to learn more about us so this will be fun! Friday we went to the Layton/Browns. Only thing different is that one of the guys who's been living there for the past two months named John participated in our lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When he first got there he wouldn't barely even look our way but we had a good discussion with him and we left him with a Book of Mormon and Bible which was really sweet. We had Sister Wasco for dinner later that night as well, along with the Heal family there. I know we all have food we dislike but thank you for raising me the way y'all did. Cause even when I don't like the food out here I at least take a bit and eat ya know? I never really realized just how... Rude I guess it is not to eat the food you've been given, ya know? Oh well we got more important things to work on ;). Saturday I'm not to sure what happened for most the day. We saw Michael and tried to have a lesson on the temple but since he didn't seem to care we just went for a "go for broke" lesson. Nothing really planned and just asked a ton of questions so we then could talk about things that really got him to think. He will soon be reactivated. So we come to Sunday.... So I have to decided whether or not the other Elders in my district have a border change to have temple campus in their area. The zone leaders asked me to discuss it with them and the answer I received back from the senior companion was that even if I asked them not to work there that they still would :/.... >.<. Also didn't say the most kind things about my companion when I was talking about having exchanges. He apologized but still. So we will see. We went to Sister Rios's, it was her last rcla lesson since we are now counting her as reactivated. Had some of her super good hot chocolate which we got the recipe for finally and then we had a great lesson to match it. We watched 'I will not fail thee nor forsake thee' by President Monson. We then had a kinda sorta lesson with Jen. She invited us over for her daughters birthday. Then Mike and Dana.

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