Monday, February 2, 2015

Transfer Drum Roll, Blessing Central, Floppers, Nutty Less Active, Air Brush

DdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddDdDdDdDDDdDdDdDdDdDdDdDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD........ Ya I'm going to wait to give you the news on transfers until some other time within this letter ;). So stay tuned to this episode of the Psychedelic Mission Experiences with Elder Olsen, Special Guest Stars, the Other People :3. So begin our week Monday night we went and saw Brandon Stevenson our Recent Convert for the first time since November. Apparently he has been to Mississippi, Louisiana, and so forth this past time of vacancy. He's been going to church down there which is nice to know since he only answered one text during that month and a half period of time but moving on. He's doing great as usual though he has been going through a bit of a struggle with his goals. He wants to be apart in helping two people be baptized before he leaves this May and believes he is doing something wrong. So we discussed it with him and how, as long as we are doing our part in helping others, Christ will make up the difference in this situation. Just needs to be patient ;). So this week was full of cool miracles and blessing to see... Literally! Dana for the first time in three years of meeting with missionaries accepted her first blessing since she was extremely sick. She was so worried that we were going to have her drink the oil haha, and then continued to search her head for the oil, but alas we only used a small amount ;). We gave Mike a blessing too for his back since there was a pinched nerve. Let's just say that by the next day all symptoms for both were half gone and the next day completely gone. Also, it was Danas little Palmaranian that I gave the blessing to before his leg surgery. Well, he wasn't supposed to be able to walk on it for two weeks. Day after, he was using it. He wasn't supposed to be able to have stitches out until six to eight weeks later. Well they are out and besides having a quarter of his butt shaved the dog has full motion capabilities :D. At first Dana new that it was the blessing when it all happened and still does, in my opinion she's just put her skeptic view in the way again which is so frustrating when you know they know! lol. So later Tuesday night we receive a voicemail... Two actually from some lady named Melissa and we really couldn't figure out what was going cause in one she says she used to be a member and in the other she says she's an investigator. So Wednesday morning we made a call and she wanted to meet that day so we set up a last minute member present and had a lesson down at the temple since she didn't want to meet at her place. Interesting lady I must say. Elder Litton was pulled away before the lesson started so Brother Carr and I began as Elder Litton had a talk with the Sister missionaries. Half way through he rejoined, told me she was a member and that the sisters had some concerns about her which I learned later. The lesson was good. But I learned she's a DnC (do not contact) very quickly. After that lesson she gave us eight phone calls within an hour and half asking if everyone has to die sometime or another :/........ The sisters knew this yet they gave her our phone number.... Well with her calling us a lot most of our appointments fell through including Daisy which was weird! She always holds, but lately we will call her an hour before the appointment to see if we are still ok to come by and then she won't answer :/. We still saw her and she is doing good. Just having a hard time keeping in contact with this woman. I don't remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday but we went to Mikes again to find out what he would like us to do for Dana to help her her progress. Well we did so, as we air brushed Olaf onto a shirt haha. We talked about a few things and unfortunately he just kinda wanted to continue the course we were going which wasn't really anything :/. I'm not gonna have that lol. Later Thursday evening we went and gave Brandon a blessing since he was down with the flu. Our goal was to make sure that he was ready for the temple two days later and Ya know what, God had that set in order since he was perfectly fine the next day :D. He also took the names to the temple that we helped him with on family search which was really cool! Well I guess the last thing in news would be yesterday. We went on an hour exchange since I had to play the organ for the Spanish Ward while Elder Litton and Sutton went and contacted a golden referral that we found for their area. She turned out Golden, with only an hour of practice the organ sounded fine (thanks to the guy upstairs ;)), and we were behind schedule all day haha. I met a guy named Mike (gosh dang it philly) and had a really good discussion with him though he kept us late to our next appointment. Invited us back since he was impressed that we could talk about things civilly and the restoration is an interesting idea to him. We then went to a lady named Gloria and she's new. Her daughter is a member and she loves the missionaries so she had us over. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay long since our member present had to roll out but I am excited for her! Well that about does it for this time around. By the way I am staying and have yet to receive a phone call about training or being a district leader so we will find out come tonight I guess. Litton has been a great companion and I'm going to miss him :'( but I guess we shall see what the next adventure brings.

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