Monday, February 16, 2015

Fallout, Catching Fire and Standstill Baptism, Last Straws

This past week unfortunately ended up in being one of those where we would have two to three lessons planned per day and all would cancel... Not to mention that time just slipped through our fingers like an laxative coated fish, if Ya know what I mean. But on the other hand the lessons that we did have were very good and were pretty well needed for future lessons. So first off Monday night we were finally able to go see Daisy for the first time in almost two weeks. We shared President Monsons talk "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee". She loved it and was really able to connect to it. Since we haven't been seeing her we had to reschedule her date for the 14th of March... But we haven't heard from her since once again so it is really weird :/. Things will work out. Most of the rest of our lessons for the week were with Jenn Himes and we had some pretty cool experiences. Our first lesson with her, she was still pretty under the weather and easy to keep in focus so we watched the restoration movie. It went very well and it was really funny cause while teaching her, Elder Litton got on facebook up in white hall, so we taught her as a trio haha. It was really weird but in the end Jenn said that she new it was all true which caught us off guard a bit, though we were unable to figure out what she exactly meant, since we were already late on time and had to get home... Plus things just got distracting when we asked her how she knew it was true and then other vicarious topics came up. So next visit we tried to show her Uchtdorf's talk from this past conference but Rita was there and we got no where due to distractions.... And then finally on Saturday we had a really awesome lesson haha. So we went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the tea bag and fire to represent faith, if you remember that one. Well that really helped keep her in tune for the rest of the lesson when at the end we found out that she believed all that we have taught her!!!! But she's afraid that if she gets baptized that it will be the finishing move for her staunch catholic father, who is dying, if that makes any sense.... So we have a baptism on our hands that is completely on hold for reasons that are semi legit but yet also kinda not. We will have to figure something out or just wait until the old man dies which sounds really dark Ya know what I mean? Man it's hard cause I really wanna see her and her family baptized. Well the second to last thing in news that I had was that of interviews. It was good to see president but afterwards I just felt really confused since our conversation jumped everywhere from the needs of the area to my new companion and then told me that I would probably be training within the next few transfers so we kinda went everywhere within the interview. Once he asked me if I had any questions I don't know if I just forgot them or if I was to afraid to ask but I said no and have once again delayed some things that I wanna ask but I'm also just unsure where to go with those questions :/. Also due to so many missionaries we only get about 15 minutes per interview. It was good though and he told me that he feels he has a special relationship with me and the rest of the people in my group since we are the smallest group in the mission and our start is kinda rememberal, hahaha. Well last in news is the last straw. The members who are antis once again slandered the church and Ezra Taft Benson while we had investigators so we are taking it to both bishop and President Anderson since it's becoming to much of a problem.

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