Monday, February 9, 2015

Stomach Bugs R' Us, Achievement Unlocked: The Bigger Missionary, RCLA's

Well this past week was pretty crazy and was gone in an instant so here I am waiting for the next PDay to arrive since I can't as much look up from the floor before the week has been pulled out from under me. So let's take a look at this past week shall we? Elder Litton and I spent our last Pday giving Mike (my reactivation who's gone less active again :P) a blessing for his health before he airbrushed Elder Litton a T-Shirt with Calvin and Hobbs on it which was pretty amazing. I'll have to send Ya some photos today since we aren't scrambling everywhere ;). We then went to Brandons for a warm goodbye before going to Danas and signing Elder Litton out with a Pizza Pretzel and a thing of cookie dough ice cream. Never again will I get Hershey's ice cream, I do believe XP. Mostly due to the fact that the next morning which was transfers I woke up at about three in the morning puking. It was just a stomach bug but Hershey's ice cream was just ok at the same time. Well after having probably the worst morning of the mission throwing up from three till about seven I finally allowed myself to receive a blessing. Which is exactly what I needed. Stomach warbley all day but after getting home with the new Comp I took a power doze of twenty minutes and I made sure we stayed as busy as we could while yet taking it easy. I think I had a piece of toast and one banana that entire day which was weird cause I thought I woulda starved haha. My new companion is Elder Cornelius from Monroe Utah. He's been out about 4 and a half months, is eighteen, and is probably the most quiet companion I've had yet lol. So for the first time I'm the senior companion (means nothing :P) and my goal is to crack this guy open lol. He's a good guy just quiet ;). So let's just say that his first night, for the first time Jenn invited us over to give her a blessing, which is really cool since she is the one who invited us over rather than us asking her :). She has Pneumonia so we went in and got out as soon as possible but she was super happy that we were able to come and do that for her. The rest of the week blew by so quick I'm not even sure how to describe it. We had two lessons with the Layton/Brown family which went so good these past two times that we were able to get them out to stake conference! Shared Christoffersons talk, "free to act for themselves", as well as the restoration where we got Pam sniffly since that's what got her into the church. With Mike we came back and helped him in his basement, cleaning. Sadly it wasn't or ever will be the grossest service I've done on the mission but we filled three contractor bags full of junk and dog poop it was just plain nasty XP.... He bought us lunch though and asked for a lesson so we went in and talked about missionary work. Mainly talking about what we can do for Dana since missionaries have really only ever read the B.o.M. With her. Learned some thing we needed to but I'm still a bit lost on what to do Ya know? Need some direction. Thursday night we had a really special lesson with Stephanie. She found out just a few days before that she will probably lose her eye sight within the coming years, due to the aneurism she had in 2009 :(. We had a really good lesson with her about faith and how she will more than likely be the reason for the rest of her family joining the gospel. Elder Cornelius gave her a blessing of comfort so she should be good :). Friday night we tried to go to brother Tabers to learn how to do family history work. It kinda ended up in a bust since he only wanted to teach us how to do the paper version ):/. So we asked Elder Bevans our new district leader if he could teach us the next day which he did. Saturday Cornelius woke up feeling sick but we still went to football. When we got home he told me to take first shower since he needed to lay down a minute. Well that minute was pretty long haha but I'm not going to complain cause afterwards he started throwing up so he needed the rest :P. We still went and did family history with Bevans but we didn't go to the adult session of Stake conference for obvious reasons. I made thank you cards in the mean time. Sunday we had Stake Conference which was good. Helped Brandon with some scriptural references before hand with his talk and then afterwards waited for an hour for a guy, the spanish elders found, who then never showed up :/. So we went home. Finished thank you cards and I made funfetti cookies to go with them. Went and delivered to Jen who is doing a lot better but I'm not to sure what was going on with her house but after we left I was starting to itch like none other. Had dinner at Mike and Danas which was good though most of the meat loaf didn't cook through so it was really pink XP. By the time we got home it was ridiculous so I took a shower which kinda helped. Not to sure what got me but I had hives :/. Never had that before and I'd like to stay away from it Ya know? It was weird.

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