Monday, January 26, 2015

Closet Fixings, Strange Week, Brilliant Exchange Plan Foiled, Brace Yourselve

I'm not to entirely sure what I will be reporting about this past weeks since it was quite strange... Successful, but very strange indeed. Since we had zone conference last week, weekly planning kept getting pushed and pushed till what do Ya know it is Tuesday... Nothing else to report here :P. Wednesday the entire morning was pretty well filled up with Bob our Plummer coming to do the finishing touches for our shower and he also came and fixed my closet which is really nice to have though I may only have this week left so we will see if I get to enjoy it now or not :P. Later though we went to the church where elder Litton taught Brandon how to do family history which he loved while I had a facebook lesson. So moving on to my brilliant idea for exchanges. I can't stand going to other areas on exchanges but Ya gotta do what Ya gotta do so I had to go to the other area. One of the reasons I hate doing this is that other elders don't seem to find it important to wash their sheets, so it's just gross :P and I can't sleep. So I have spare bed sheets! Problem solved right? Denied :/. The bed was hard as a rock and poor elder Sutton was up all night with heart burn so we both slept a total of about two hours XP. However we did have a pretty funny experience. One of their investigators has been getting anti Christianity from one of his Muslim friends so when we were over there I essentially got to give him a speal and info on how to counter back or I guess in other words bash :3. Right afterwards I had an interesting conversation with a drunk man who told me Jesus is black and that he was the reason woman and children in the area weren't starving... 0.o. Other than at though we haven't had anything to crazy happen this past week. Daisy is doing well, though due to family health problems we haven't seen her but we are going tonight. Jen is doing well to and is actually working to stop swearing and is reading the Book of Mormon so we are doing good in that department. With Jens daughters, to get them reading, I am going to be adding a little zest to either the inside or outside cover of two Book of Mormons :3. Going to be putting scooby doo on one and Stitch on the other haha. It'll be interesting but fun. Last thing is that we have transfer calls on Friday..... 😱! On average, missionaries would be hitting there third area after their year mark. I have the possibility of hitting my fifth.... I know what your going to say but to be honest I'm not looking forward to another move :/. Been here for three transfers so probably leaving, don't know though so meh! That about raps the week up for now!

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