Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yes I'm Still Alive ;), Three New And Anti Included, First Timers FHE, Mission Reboot

So, sorry about the past two weeks. My emails didn't send for whatever reason last Monday, so I had to resend them all and I forgot to tell Ya of a small detail that Pday, was changed for today since we had a big meeting with some Seventies yesterday which I will get to in a moment so sorry about all that. I can tell that this week already is lookin to weird and wild since the change of Pdays so we will see next weeks report won't we now? Well I'll get to this past weeks events and won't hold Ya up any longer :). So in reports we picked up three new investigators last week which was really nice. The first guy is named Angel and he is probably in his mid to late twenties but I'm not to sure. We had originally found him through his sister who we haven't seen since when she asked us if we believed in the Holy Spirit. Well when we said yes that interested him since most people he talks to say that they don't believe in it. So it was a bit of an interesting lesson. We had both forgotten a Book of Mormon so when we got in there we really couldn't go with the restoration since we couldn't give it to him haha. Also he has a gift for the gab and just went on and on as we got to know him and his beliefs and as such, we just watched "The Will of God", Mormon Message, which he liked. Our other two new investigators are Desirae and Moses.... Moses kinda being on the iffy side... So Desirae originally ordered a bible and we asked if we could come back. That day every other appointment had fallen through including that one but being a bit stubborn we came back a little later to find her and Moses. Moses wasn't really apart of the discussion until the end but Desirae seems to have a lot of potential. We reached the part where Joseph Smith was in the grove and found out about which church to join when Moses had a few troubles with the fact that we believe that there is only one true church and that he needed to be baptized. Cornelius on pins and needles very lovingly and calmly did not allow him to get his wish for a complete bash >:3! We showed scripturally every point we made after that and with the finishing touch I used the scripture in John where Jesus states that we need to be baptized by water and the spirit hahahahaha! He backed down a moment and said maybe I do need to get baptized.... And then wouldn't accept a Book of Mormon after he agreed that people need to find out by the spirit whether or not things are true :P. He did take a pamphlet though so upon our next visit we will see if we drop or keep him depending on what he attempts to do. Anyways... On Friday we spent pretty much the whole day moving sister Wasco and her daughter Sharry. We started our adventure at eight in the morning and didn't get home till six since it was forever away from there original apartment, all the way down to the moving van, but we got it done and it felt good to do, Ya!! Saturday we had football as usual and that was a lot of fun. There was ice all over the turf so I cut my right calf up a bit but on the other hand I scored two touch downs in the first game so I Will take what I can get ;). I need to get better at catching long passes though. Just not very good at judging those and then Nabbing them :/. Later that evening we showed Jen and her family how to have family home evening which was a lot of fun but really crazy. We played monopoly, which I still don't know how to play, since no one ever explained it to me :/. The only thing that marred this experience was that we got a call from Mike saying his Mom was stuck down in North Carolina so the rest of the evening was taken up focusing on that. Jenn kept asking what is this for? (FHE) and by the end of it she loved it so hopefully we can make it a weekly thing ;). Our goal is, though Jenn won't be baptized mormon yet, we are going to get her at least living the lifestyle ;). Sunday was mostly uneventful and now for yesterday. We had Elder Evans from the first quorum of the seventy and Elder Allen who's a seventy of sorts. The whole mission was together for the first time in five plus years.... We got news about iPads. That facebook will be down for the next month and a half to two months, we received the draft books for the online missionary handbooks, and for the next four to five hours reiterating rules but that's ok, they had a good sense of humor so it wasn't terrible. And that about sums up the week.

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