Monday, January 12, 2015

Winter Came, Never Trust a Golden.... Not Even with the Donut Selection, 1 down twelve to go, Hot Shower!

As I recall this time last year I found myself in a small white room next to many more small white rooms which exteriors were covered with yellow bricks which were surrounded by other yellow brick faced buildings with their own little white rooms receiving a lecture that more or less sunk deep into my sub-conscience where it was lost amoungst the many vicarious things that I had probably been asked to do while playing video games.... Oh I was stressed like mad to ;)! Now I find myself surrounded by brick row homes, people asking for money, others receptive to our message and of course the rare but yet so real poll dancing unicorns.... The stress having been replaced by the feeling that I never really woke up this morning but I can accept that ;)! Now that I may or may not have thoroughly confused someone's noggin I'll proceed to write about my week and the events that took place. Nothing happened Monday so we will continue to Tuesday. Tuesday was like any other day... Then we opened the window to find that Mother Nature had left us a nice layer of snow which was still continuing to fall and the cold shoulder of actual winter temperatures! Finally! I was getting a bit worried that we would never get it. Though I hate being cold I don't believe I will ever move to anyplace that doesn't receive snow since I feel that my internal clock requires it to know the world hasn't ended. I was on exchanges with Elder Christensen who is still new. This is his second transfer and most of the day was us going to find referrals the sister missionaries had given them but unfortunately non of them were interested. We also dropped one of their investigators since she "didn't want to be confused" by also reading the Book of Mormon which would some how confuse her from the bible. Yet another instance where someone who hasn't even looked at the book already making judgments :P. Also a really interesting thing we came across on this exchange was the most ridiculous bible tract that I have ever stumbled upon :3. Just to give a glimpse of this sucker (two pages long...) it talks about how Satan is going to mutate HIV to kill in three months but you can be healed through sulfur and a written prayer. Will use "trance" people who slow traffic, can shoot but not reload guns, attack teenage boys, and have struggles climbing trees.... ?. Well moving on to Wednesday I hate sleeping at other elders places. Never sleep and they never clean their bedsheets :P. While I was away Elder Litton found us a new less active and investigator which was really sweet who we met later on this week. We taught Daisy the Plan of Salvation which she loved. She has been doing good this week and we saw her again on Sunday. Unfortunately she was sick and wasn't able to make it to church but she is doing good all the same. We also saw Gill later that night and taught part of the Plan of Salvation as well. Thursday was the year mark, woo! Made it! I was looking through the calendar app when I saw just how sad of a Golden missionary I was :3. The event stated "Year mark, did we make it?". So I made sure to put an event under, that said yes we did, haha. District meeting was good as usual, our schedule was really weird though. It just seemed that time was constantly getting away :P. Pam who is a less active broke her ankle or at least thought she had. We went back yesterday to find that she still hadn't gone to see a doctor because she is a stubborn lady like that Ya know? We gave her a blessing and encouraged her to see a doctor which she said she would. Now that I think of it we gave a lot of blessings this past week. Way more than I've ever done at one point in time :)! Including a fluffy Pomeranian haha. Didn't see that one coming. Friday Bob our Plummer came and fixed the shower finally which was amazing, for the first time since I got to this area we were finally able to have a hot shower rather than cold ones! Goodness that's one of those things you forget how good it is when Ya have it but once it's gone you really see the difference. We had a lesson with Jen and Rita that night, it was alright. The main highlight was giving her her first blessing for the terrible migraine that she was having. She loved it and asked for another one right afterwards haha. She was feeling a lot better afterwards and by the next morning it was completely gone. Miracles! The next morn we had a service project rather than e usual football routine with the clean up philly guy Ray Gant. It went really well! It was so cold though that I actually wore jeans to which everyone made a fuss over since I practically always where shorts when the opportunity arrives haha. So our new less active and investigator are Stephanie and Daesha (left to right :3). Stephanie is awesome! She was baptized in 2009 after she went through a hemorrhaging aneurysm but is still practically all there, just slow. And her Daughter inlaw Daesha is her nurse and has investigated the church a bit before. Now what's cool is that we met Daesha the first week Litton got here but the info she gave us was one digit wrong on the address and their phone had been turned off at the time we tried to call. So we thought that they were lost forever.... Then some missionaries from her past area contacted us and told us all the info haha! Got'em! We also picked up a part member family (son hasn't been baptized and is twelve). That was an awkward visit. Rykeem the kid who we were supposed to teach was playing games with friends up stairs when we came so his mom had him quit to come visit with us... He had some of the worst attitude ever :P. Then our member present and his mom just talked for forever.... We got stuck there awhile hehe. So last but not least we went to Danas as usual. It was one of those awkward visits at first due to the cold shoulder of pure hatred just roaming throughout the house. James our new investigator is apparently a compulsive liar and hard drinker had destroyed a lot of Danas stuff and had it not been for Mike he should have been kicked out of the house... So things like the tv weren't turned off immediately :/. Finally we got it off and had a really good lesson which then followed the blessing of the Pomeranian :3. It was weird but the good dog will be alright ;). Well that sums it up, went to South Philly for a cheese steak today which was awesome! Saw Bill on the bus to which was funny haha.

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