Monday, November 3, 2014

We actually met members, Halloween flop, old neighbors with potential

So now that I have come to write my weekly email I can't quite remember everything that happened this past week more than likely do to the wonderful weather that quickly and unexpectedly changed without consent to a drab wet day that just never seemed to end but that's alright cause we had lessons..... Writing without punctuation can be fun :3. So anyways ya this is week six so we will see what will be going on with this upcoming transfer. Hope to stay with Barker but as I recall that hasn't done me to well in that field so I'll just leave it there :P. However one thing that changed this past week is that we actually ate and met with a member, my goodness isn't that crazy!? I know right? Two families to be exact... And they have gone back to just feeding sisters :P. No comment. So onward with our story of the week. We were able to meet with Brandon three times this week which was awesome. Just over all he is awesome since he always wants to meet and willing to go out and teach when college isn't in the way. Also he got his girlfriend interested so maybe we can work with her on Skype :D. Also he worked at a pretzel factory for about four years so everyone knows him there and gets free soft pretzels so he took us and we were given about fifteen haha. Let's say I could only eat two cause those suckers are heavy! The same night that we got pretzels we went and saw elder Barkers old neighbor Nancy and her kids and we picked them up as investigators along with a friend named Gil who is living with them :D. Super cool family to which we taught the restoration, which Nancy has heard before but we think that since the missionaries have moved she misses that feeling they brought since they were over there a lot. Now for the two short days. Thursday not to much success and wanting us to be "time effective missionaries" we had to plan that night which we did. Halloween was a slight bit of a flop though :/. Went and bought candy for kids and can ya guess what, not a single one of those little guys came out to get their three musketeers :/. So now we are left with them to our own devices which isn't good........... It was an alright night. Nothing special though which was a bit disappointing but better luck next year I guess, maybe board games will be legalized by then but we will see. Saturday is where things got super cold and wet over night yuck! But rain, shine, snow, or Ebola we go out and play football and man did we get soaked! Man though we froze it was pretty good, when we showed up to our lunch appointment though we had to have our jackets thrown into the dryer as we ate but the rest of ourselves just had to endure :3. The rest of the day went pretty well though since we had multiple appointments that night which kept us out of the cold rain. The last thing I wanna write about is that we had an awesome find from our potentials list yesterday. Her name is Denise and we talked to her through the screen door. We were just going to set up a return appointment since the wind was howling and it was super cold but she ended up talking with us more since she is a bit lonely and so we had a lesson through the door :).

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