Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Litton, tired week, first exchange experience, progress?

Well, Elder Barker and I had one last hoorah Monday night at the Giordano home. They had invited us over for their family home evening where we had a good time and for the first time the kids there weren't just completely nuts. We had cheese steaks, played a bunch of different card games, and watched a video of their boa constrictor taking out a rat which was pretty cool to watch if I do say so myself :3. Now the events of Tuesday at transfers brought me my new companion Elder Litton. Good guy who's had a lot of success on the mission. Comes from Southern California as well, which unfortunately breaks my chain of having companions from a different state, but that's alright I guess. The transfer also brought a huge change to the zone. We went from dead and dying to a lot of goldens as well as middle aged missionaries..... Which I guess now includes myself :3? Whatever it's a strange place now but still good. So with the arrival of Litton I had him meet everybody that I could on the first day and we set up a lot of appointments that we were super excited for.... And then they all fell through :P. It was a very stressful week with how everything ended up being, but Elder Litton and myself did a lot of walking with not to much success. Trooped through it though. And with all of the non occur in events I digress to Friday. So Elder Sutton received a Golden by the name of Elder Christensen. From Draper, just graduated and is an eighteen year old who just loves sports. So this is my second transfer not being the youngest in the district and I was Elder Christensen's first exchange on the mission which I was super excited for. Well things fell through again and being a golden in a very successful area at the moment he slightly insulted me asking if we had actually done any planning ):/.... Well I brushed it off and just kept going with what we had. He hasn't been out tracting yet and wants the experience so I knock on the first door and get turned down to which elder Christensen says that I need to be more bold. So I said you can have the next door then (meanwhile my thought process I'm making sure I don't end up being that missionary who's like watch this guy get thrown down). Good thing to cause though the person didn't want to talk with us about the gospel we talked with them a bit on the stoop so moral of the story is I didn't get duped :3. Also he didn't wanna tract anymore and preferred to street contact. We were able to have a little bit of success that night though with Nancy and Gil which was very relieving. Watched the restoration video and just had a good talk with them. Tonight we will be watching the finding faith in Christ video which I've never seen so we will see how this goes. Saturday we started off with football like usual and goodness it was a blast. I'm pretty sure after the awesome plays I made I'll move up a little in the rankings ;). I got a good hand for catching flags it seems. However for so much fun and excitement elder Litton and myself are still recovering from football and Saturdays events XP. We ended up walking pretty much for the next three to four hours trying to make it to the church since the subway was broken and the buses were to dang cramped to even attempt to get on with a stupid side bag :P. My side bag is a fricken tank! Anyways we get one stop away from the church when the Girodano's sent us a text that they wanted us over for dinner.... Oh no but yet Awesome! I was very happy with how things ended. Most of the kids were gone for the time that we were here and the lesson we directed towards their one boy Marshall was a complete fail since he had the attention span of a nat. But Susan said that she wants to re go through all of the lesson with her and the boys so that he boys can begin to choose ya know? She will totally be baptized just need to get her husband resolved and we be good for the dunking. And that about wraps up the events of this past week.

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