Monday, November 10, 2014

This is why we can't have nice things, visit round up, ready for some consistency...

Welp another week come and gone, ten months out and what do you know Christmas is around the corner with thanksgiving being left behind :3... Like myself. So I'm trying to figure out what to tell ya about as I remember the important things that ended up happening. So first off in news that I'm pretty bumbed about is not just my mission but every mission that has Facebook, I am no longer allowed to be friends with family back home unless I am actively teaching someone with you guys :(. Dang negative ten percent be punishing the rest of us again, ya know what I mean? This is why we can't have nice things and why we have that tiny little white book of doom :/. We also received some more mission rules which have become a bugger but ya can't do anything about it so ya, I'm done with my rant. So South Philly had the best district ever but here we had the best zone of all time. Unfortunately 2/3rds of the zone dies tomorrow which will be the long famine for myself of everyone I know will be leaving :(. Bad enough as it is Elder Barker got the call that he will be leaving tomorrow for his new area so we will see what I end up getting from the roulette board of this mission. This has been my favorite companionship since Elder Whitaker so maybe I'll get to serve with him again somewhere down the line but at the moment I'm just ready for some consistency to happen around here but things need to be as they are I guess. So on Saturday we did something pretty cool. We went and did the Philly 5k heart walk since we were asked by President to do so, I guess. There were a ton of people down at the stadiums where it took place and though I wasn't able to talk with anyone, it was different and was a good experience. With elder Barker leaving we went and did all of our roundups this weekend and we got a few more today. On Saturday we went to Mike and Dana's where we had a good time. Played chess for my first time on the mission there and though I got so close I messed up right at the end and wasn't able to recover :P. Mike and Danan are awesome and Mike will be reactivated here real soon we hope. Later that night we met with Annie who will be reactivated here soon too. Though we weren't able to have a lesson with Annie we were able to do so with her sister Tracie, who is less active as well. Her father just died the day before, so she was going through a really rough spot. We did the plan of salvation which helped her out a lot! She was feeling a lot better at the very end and we were able to have a great night with the rest of them once they got back. Yesterday we had the Wasco's for dinner with the other sisters and elders which was weird since I haven't had a party meal in a long while, but it was nice to be able to do so since it changed things up. Afterwards we had Mike and Dana again which was good though his ex wife showed up and just gossiped and took up a greater part of our time and it was really annoying :P. Read the Book of Mormon like usual and got out. That's about it for now. Tonight we will be eating cheese steaks at the Giordano's which will be good since she is an amazing cook.

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