Sunday, September 28, 2014


So I guess the main way I can describe this is that we were totally caught off guard this past Friday when we received our transfer calls and I'll give the back story to help y'all out. So the Harrington Elders have been having a really hard struggle with each and have been together for two transfers thus far. And during interviews they were told that they would more than likely be separated do to their struggles ya know. Our area has grown a lot and from what we could tell is that there was the chance that Elder Ballif would be transferred since he has already been here for three. Well Friday night comes along and what do ya know. Harrington is staying together for a third and both Elder Ballif and myself are being doubled out of this are :(! It makes no sense! But that's how mission life goes. So we will see if this area receives sisters, two sets of Elders, just the usual, or if it is left to sit just for a short time like a transfer to see if that will shock the branch into doing better missionary and convert retention work ya know? So that's probably the big headliner at the time So I'll continue with all of the events that we had this past week. Monday evening we had a dinner with the Eldredges and Bro Eldredges coworker Matt who is really cool. He was just there to spend the night since he lives on the complete other side of Maryland so we didn't do anything pushy and just got to know him which was nice. I am pretty angry though since we were unable to get a picture with this super cute family before we left >.<. Elder Ballif really hates pictures I think :P. So on Tuesday we went and saw Scott,like we usually do and it was a good lesson. We mostly just read from the Book of Mormon to help emphasize our past lesson with him on the importance of scripture study. At the time he had gone two days without a regular cigarette which was awesome and the milligrams of Nicotine in his vapor smoker and gone from 24 to 18 which is really good :D. He will totally get baptized once he's married ya know? He's pushing for it so I hope to see his picture pop up on face book in the near future with him in a white jump suit if ya know what I mean ;). Later that night we went out with Brother Dayton like we usually do and had a really successful night. We ran into three less actives. Brother Beasly who is a super nice guy but his wife doesn't like the church so he has a hard time making it out due to that factor. We also saw Sister Gonzales who is a working machine at the moment do to her daughter being a leach (excuse my expression). We talked with her a little bit and she's just about hit that point of kicking her daughter out so ya... That's about all I got there :3. We then saw an older couple called the Fosters later that evening. Really good couple but since he had a stroke last year they really haven't been coming out. They still could though they just need to get to bed at a reasonable bed time :3. Elder Ballif brought out his amazing Family History skills that night though and we were able to get them started on that. We've seen a lot of success come from that so I guess I should get down to learning that stuff better... Somehow. It's funny that we offer it like its a common thing but we've never received any training of the sorts to be able to effectively offer it unless you yourself take the time to go through the videos to learn exactly what you are doing. Wednesday I had an exchange with Elder Leavitt in our area which was a bit strange being with my past companion haha. So it was a good exchange but I have mixed feelings about it which I'll tell you about in just a moment. We did have some crazy cool stuff happen to us though. We were walking home on from the library within the center of Easton when this lady that's walking our direction about fifty feet ahead does this power stance and yells "Are you guys Mormons?!" Haha this lady had to be in her mid fifties and had a bit of an interesting look but she was so excited to see us. I guess that she had had some problems with the Catholic faith so she investigated Mormons, then she went to Jdubs which she had mixed feelings about and then just decided that she was going to be Catholic but she had loved her Mormon experiences lol. So maybe somewhere down the road she'll come along ;). Not more than thirty seconds after this though we had another call out for if we were the Mormons and it ended up being Brother Brezeel who has been less active since I got here due to trying to restart his career. He wanted to talk with us so he pulled us into a back door café bought us a drink and then just asked some simple questions about the temple as well as missionary work. Really good guy but he is very interesting in looks and speech. We asked him if he knew of anyone that we could talk with to which he does this funny thing where he turns his head to the side and to the sky with his hand underneath his chin all the while squinting his eyes. He told us there wasn't any he could think of at the moment but that if we talked around we would find someone ;). He does introduce us to everyone he meets though so he's good there. Well we got home and talked some more before it was time to get going again. We were driving when Elder Leavitt was like lets go see Gary to which I said sorry Gary wants us to let him call before we go and see him since he's so busy. We got in an argument here since Elder Leavitt felt that he knew what was going on more than me. Sorry but at this point and time it really bugged me. I let in and we drove by his house when we saw him out in his car talking on the phone to which I finally put my foot down and said no he's busy. So we did this awkward back up and drove past him again. I waved to him and he waved back. That is about the time that things got ruff on this exchange. We had dinner with Jay and Martina which went well. I'm really going to miss Jay. Such a dry Mormon haha. He gave us an entire Watermelon which unfortunately won't be finished any time soon here before we leave. We then had our lesson with the Mellor family and boy was it crazy in there. Kids flying this way and that with their Pointer running in and then out as well. Goodness we started the lesson pretty late due to that and our member present showing up a bit late but over all it went well. With so much commotion though I forgot to set a baptismal date and the lesson went 20 minutes over an hour... Que the Leavitt. So that's how the exchange went besides Thursday morning when we had a talk about standards. I just wasn't over all enthralled by this exchange :/. So moving on to more positive things. We went out with Brother Dayton again which was good. We saw Paul who is doing well and really needed a visit from another Branch Member. We just talked about the temple and how he had liked the little pamphlet that we had given him. Such a nice guy. He did share a story with us that is to funny not to share. He's been working on his family history and was looking at his family's old bible to which his mother had done a very good job with. I guess that Paul's father wasn't exactly the most faithful husband and his mom was a very enduring wife. So I guess one day a car pulled up with a woman in it and asked for Pauls dad at the time. Paul was six just to let you know. And when his mom heard about this she told her daughter to tell that Jezebel to get out of here haha. Well Pauls mom was very good with reading scriptures with her kids so Paul knew the story and was like I thought she was dead. He couldn't miss this opportunity to go and see Jezebel in the flesh haha. So he went and picked some flowers and went up to the car to which the lady with red hair and smoking cigarettes rolled down the window smiling when he said "Hi Jezebel how are you doing? Don't worry the dogs are in the Kennel so you'll be fine!" We were all laughing in there hahaha. I guess the woman drove off after that and it took months for Pauls Grandmother to convince him that it wasn't Jezebel :). I'm going to miss that man but I'm going to try and keep in contact with him. We saw Selena Bolden later that night and delivered her family history stuff which about concludes that. And that about sums up the rest of the week since we mainly planned and then cleaned once we found out that we were being doubled out so I guess we shall see what ends up happening here very shortly.

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