Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long forgotten Gold, Permission, Rolls and such

So sorry for the delay in this weeks events, but it would seem that we as missionaries took labor day to our very hearts and souls and went out and did work of a kind yesterday, which I'll get to explaining down the letter, but as for now I am going to begin with the chain of events, as they do so go down the past week. Let me get my Ipad out here so I can remember the chain of events that just so happened to go on this past week :P. So lets see here hmmm. First off let me say that things have just been going so fast lately a cheetah would get motion sick from the ride that has been going on around here. I've felt like I was a bit in the "no where ville" for the 7th month mark, but it would seem that has long since past and gone and now by the next time I talk with you will be eight months out, lookin for the brakes to be initiated, but unfortunately for this one they will just laugh and say sucks to be you and let this trike continue to barrel down the hill... even though I'm still on the upward climb we are going down hill... if that makes any sense at all :P. So on Tuesday, we met with a man by the name of Ed, who is a Less Active member, but he is pretty dang sweet. He used to be a green beret? Anyways he's really fun and he has a sense of humor like none other. I guess the main reason he hasn't shown up is do to a blood valve problem and can't really sit on the chairs that we have to well during church and has to continually stand up and do things to get the blood moving in his legs again to dodge the possibility of a heart attack. We told him however that we just got new lobby furniture and the old stuff was moved into the main room to which he was pretty excited about which then lead to him coming to church! ... but yet he sat in the hard chairs he complained about? Oh well he came to church and that is what matters hahaha. We had dinner that night with the Eldridge family which is a really cute family. She is part Navajo and is actually from Blanding and was wondering if I knew anyone from there. I told her I did but unfortunately I couldn't remember their names lol so if ya don't mind helpin me out on who we might know from down there it would be greatly appreciated ;). On Wednesday morning we called to confirm a meal appointment with Jay, who is married to a member and is a person we like to call around these parts a "Dry Mormon". Got everything for it but for what ever reason he just doesn't wanna be dunked... darn laziness! Anyways it was a bit of a funny phone call and I wish I could tell you it in person but it seemed that he was rather happy with the meal that his wife made. Ya it was pretty dang good spaghetti but on the phone with him he kinda sang about how Wonderful it was haha. He's a really nice guy who just jabbers like none other. Gift of the gab but it would seem that here in Cambridge there is exponentially more of them then there were in Seaford and let me tell ya... there were quite a few over there. He also found out that I can bake so he loaded me up with a five to ten pound bag of flour, a cake mix, and some frosting in trade that I make some rolls for him, my goodness hahaha. Such a funny guy, told me that this would be mine and his little secret trade I guess (shaking head smiling). So thank you so much for the letter along with the bread recipe! We saw a recent convert by the name of Paul, that night as well. He's such a nice guy probably in the later fifties if I had any guess. Definitely was converted to the missionaries but I think that if we can get this dang branch into gear, we will be able to get him friend shipped and moving along just fine. He's kinda like a Grandmother like fella and really loves his cactuses. I say that we get him a dog to help cheer him up since he's a bit lonely :). Thursday I got the artscow and THANKYOU ITS AWESOME!!!!! Man that's going to have to be my district meeting tie a couple of these times cause its great :D. Mostly Thursday was used for planning but I went on exchanges with the Dover Zone Leader Elder Hansen up to Dover (finally its only been five months :P). Really good guy and we had a good time together. On Friday though he dodged a bullet of a woman like none other. We pull up to this potential and as he gets out of the door shes on the other side of the property and starts yelling "YOU GET BACK IN THAT CAR!!!" while waddling her way to us. He totally flipped it though, got her happy and then did some service.... Strange but I'll take that any day of the week. From what she told us she has had some really bad experiences with the J-Dubs and thought that we were going to do the same thing >.<... Friday was good. Stopped by a former investigator that Elder Ballif had worked with about a month ago who wasn't progressing at that point in time. His name is Scott and first off let me say that my first impression was that he was gay... but then the kids and the girlfriend showed up and dashed that notion real quick. Really nice guy and in the time that the missionaries were away he has dropped his drinking to about just about once a week and working on that one. His smoking habits are dying and he is now in the process of getting those vapor ones so he can finish the job so he was a golden recontact :D. Super nice guy and I can't wait to continue working with him. We also came in contact with another golden recontact Stephanie who we will be working with this coming Wednesday and hopefully she will become a new investigator at that time. We walked up right as she was getting out of her car and then we proceeded to have a really good discussion and she stated that she had a re interest in the church so thumbs up! We also picked up a Less Active and her son who hasn't been baptized this past week which is really good. She's pushing to get back into church and is actually doing everything we have asked her to do and more along with her son who is in fifth grade who wants to get baptized... Katelyn experience anyone? :3 So ya this past week has been pretty good for us and I am excited for the area. Yesterday being the Labor day it was and Ballif having had experience with it already knew that knocking doors and such would just lead to a miserable day :P. So we made cookies and delivered them and had some good discussions with people... Power of Food! Anyways that is the weekly report.

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