Monday, September 15, 2014

Lost and Found, Many Travels, The Mighty Return to Seaford, She's coming to C

So I may or may not have already told you this, so sorry for the repeat, but here it goes anyways :P. So I might have told ya that we recently received a phone call about how terrible we were for going more miles than President or the AP's last month, which we resolved with reason and rhyme though the other side of the phone was heated at the beginning. We got an extra hundred miles which helps a bit, not to much, but at least we got the help, but since we are still short Ballif and myself have been creating days where we only walk around up here in Easton :D. Very pretty place, however while in this companionship I won't have as many pictures to show for it :P. So thus we have a car/walking area that is keeping this missionary nice and lean which he was very happy to find out when he went to Seaford on Thursday but I'll talk to you more about that a little later. So on Tuesday we saw Scott again and he had been totally sick the whole weekend and was wondering why we had shown up a day early... He thought it was Monday that silly man. We had woken him up too, so he was groggy during the lesson, but we still had a good discussion with him on the Holy Ghost. Just trying to figure out how we are going to help him to have or rather notice the spiritual experiences that he has had. Also though he did have about three cigarettes, the E Cigarette is working out quite nicely for him and if true he should be on a slightly lower power level of Nicotine. We shall Liberate this Man! We also went out with Brother Dayton later on that night which ended up being really good. We went to Federalsburg to go clean up some names and on the cleanup list we found some people who weren't even on our list that Bro. Dayton knows really well! Coincidence anyone? Not I said the Dog... We also met a part member family where Shes a member who's less active, who's husband isn't but loves us (just went to Moab for vacation too ;) ) and who's son isn't baptized just like Kiambre... Ya got all that? Hope so ;). Really nice lady who said she wants her son to be baptized and we are hoping that we can just go a bit further than that, to have her husband as well with her reactivated. They also just live up the block from us so they can't really get away from us either. Wednesday was a bounce around the area day if ya know what I mean. Everything kinda just cancelled so we just did our best through it all to find people. We met with a woman by the name of Doris who is a bit interesting. Nice lady who's Mom grew her up on TV preachers, which is one that ya don't hear everyday. Thinks that all Religions have some truth (tis true) and is unsure if any have all the truth so she listens to them all if they talk about Christ. Nice lady, we are a bit afraid that one of the guys living in her house though is going to anti her hard, guess Ballif heard some things I didn't as we exited that house. We had dinner with the Eldridges later on too. They have to be one of my favorite families here. There one kid is a total miniature teenager who is only six or seven lol. Looks like Sheldon a little bit from the big bang theory. And his younger brother Kai has this funny way of talking to you. Always starts of with "Excuse me'h, Excuse me'h, did you know Joana was swallowed by ah whale?" In the little squeeky voice he has. That kid has created a Meme between Ballif and myself :3. So on Thursday I made my return to SEAFORD! Just for the day but it was awesome. Mowed Bro. Barons lawn, saw sister Williams who is doing better and will be having hip surgery finally on the 25th. Poor thing has been waiting like five to seven years for it... And then that evening we went and saw the Clantons, who I taught on my last Sunday in Seaford. They are awesome and Mr. Clanton will be baptized on the 28th, if I am correct. We also saw Mr. Darling who is doing well. I miss that old man a lot and was very happy to see him. Will be moved down into Cory's mission on the third week of October, so I'll be sending a referral to them here shortly. Got my picture with him to finally! I was with Elder Morgan during that time, who is Leavitt's new companion. Good guy but very overpowering in lessons and I can see through a few things why the two are having a few struggles here and there with each other. Now I kid you not this was probably the first exchange I had where I wasn't asked any questions by the other guy. So in terms of knowledge being power I believe I have the upper hand here :P. Friday, for whatever reason, Leavitt decided to give Ballif a tracting commitment XP. Nasty but we went and did it any way. We got one potential and met a guy by the name of Mr. C who was funny. In the end of our conversation with him, Ballif and I came up with two different conclusions. Me: What a nice guy Ballif: What an Atheist. So we combined the two and called it What a Nice Atheist. Ya looking back I see more of the things he said, but he wasn't rude, but rather funny about it unlike most folk who randomly stop ya :P. Saturday, we had a Mission tour were a member of the Seventy came and met all the missionaries and we listened to him. Elder Andersen.... So many Andersen related names I just might go bonkers :P. It was good though and I liked what he had to say. Been a lot of talk about our purposes lately which I need to work on for our upcoming interview with Pres. this week. Been having some struggles defining that bugger :/. Rained a lot that day to which was really pretty... But Ballif for whatever reason made us wear Sweaters Yuck! I roasted like none other :P and got all sopping wet but I guess ya don't wanna hear more on the average missionary complaints. . Now yesterday was definitely the Highlight of the week. We saw Sister Lee, though unfortunately Kiambre wan't there, we had a really good time with. Said that she had thought about a few things and had found that they really weren't keeping her from church so she said shes coming back!!!! Some buddy press the "That was easy" button for me will ya? It was really good and we are excited to see her come back! We also had a lesson with Brother Baldwin who is a funny guy. Always laughing at everything he says or you say, which makes him one of my favorite people :). It was a bit of a ruff lesson and it felt a bit forced :P. Ballif and I are trying to work on me being more comfortable and less stressed in everything so that things go smoother. All the while we were talking about confidence a bird just goes and craps on him XD. Ya God does have a sense of humor ;3.

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